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Recent content by Saphira

  1. Saphira

    Should there be at least 6 month duration for personality disorders?

    I have to agree with Oren here and find it quite disturbing how quick some mental health practitioners are to diagnose or leave people in limbo after a diagnosis. Personally, I would go for a 2nd or 3rd opinion without disclosing previous diagnosis. There is no one person in the world who knows...
  2. Saphira

    Tea survey!

    I like mine hot. Whitish with just one small sugar. But it has to be decaf as I will bounce off the walls and ceiling.
  3. Saphira

    A self portrait

    I love it - marvellous piece of emotional expression.
  4. Saphira


    Ezzy! Happy birthday my lovely. Have a fabulous day xxx
  5. Saphira

    10 "Rude" Things Autistic People Do (And What They Really Mean)

    I quite liked the article and it reminded my of how far I have come along over the years. It also made me laugh in some sections. This guy is still quite young and learning all the time. He is developing what he knows and relays it back online. Simple articles like this can help smooth away...
  6. Saphira

    Probably taking a break

    And this is why we all love you so much.
  7. Saphira

    Hello everyone.

    Hello and welcome, a pleasure to see you again.
  8. Saphira

    Probably taking a break

    Look after yourself Ezzy.
  9. Saphira

    does this offend you?

    I believe they may be drinking Stella.
  10. Saphira


    Hello Mr Hart.
  11. Saphira

    Another one ;)

    Hello Bender. I am also from the other side of the lagoon. Heard lots of lovely things about you.
  12. Saphira

    If you had to name a couple tasks you have started but not finished, what would they be and Why?

    A daily plan might help. This came from a learning support teacher at college some years ago. You only need to devote small amounts of time to tasks which all add up at the end of the week. Smaller goals are easier to make and achieve. Having said this I am cluttered and a hoarder so I...
  13. Saphira


    I too am very pleased to be here with you all and away from wp. It gives me a headache. Nice an cozy here.
  14. Saphira


    Hello Hero.
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