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The truth

You can't restrain the truth...

What do censorship, Wikileaks and glasnost got to do in common?

They involve governments' choice to with-hold information from the rest of the world.

I do not believe in restraining the truth. This is why I refuse to write in my school blog, despite my initial keen interest. They are, simply put, a propaganda machine. That's also partly a reason why, despite confiding to friends such as Aillas and ICM, 'I may not be able to come here till next summer due to school commitments (and actually, writing)', I chose to return here at around mid-autumn- writing is therapeutic.

I believe I have found more than enough inspiration for my interests: reading, writing, sports, music and even eating. Haha

By and large, the wonderful job of this forum is that moderation work is done within the context of respect, and not with-holding certain information.

We have an ex-budding journalist here (King_Oni, from what I read in his past posts), we have readers who read with critical insight, we have people who have lots of life experience in sheer number of years and/or doing a ton of things in life, and I used to write scripts for plays and novels in secondary school. Although this is not the most ideal platform to share my issues, but I think we can discuss restrain over the Truth here.

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As for me - I am only uncomfortable with sharing my conditions, no matter what they are, because I just simply see myself as a weirdo who is too creative to 'fit into this world'. But writing removes the visual weirdness, and it really spits out everything I have in mind - which is kind of random and in disarray, but still, workable.

I really dislike censorship, to the extent that no matter what people say, I just oppose to censorship.

In the case of China, they seem to censor off everything related to the Arab Spring. Let them Chinese know about what happens in their country. Yes, China still needs some order, in the form of the Chinese Capitalist (not even close to Socialist!) Party. Yes, China needs an efficient government to catch up for lost time in the Cultural Revolution. But no, even with current bureaucrats in place, China still has the potential to transition to a more participative government that their people want to play a role in decision-making - as long as there is a shared common vision to unite the people into greatness - I can think of Felipe Gonz?lez, the Prime Minister of Spain, serving for 13 years.

As for Wikileaks, I really hope Julian Assange and his team will reveal more lower-level secrets from the US Department of State. They're embarrassing to the American government, which sometimes discomforts me, but note that they're lower-level diplomatic cables that do not really threaten American security (which should never be compromised, and should be the only exceptions to my opposition of censorship). My impression is that they're not really top secret, and they're more like American judgement of the situation in different countries around the world.

In addition, I still regard Mikhail Gorbachev as a great visionary, for really steering the USSR to a more open government, to change the situation in the USSR where there is no virtual improvement of standard of living for years - and the recognition that a more informed government can bring about better governance. However, I wished that Gorbachev's leadership respond more to Soviets' needs to stabilize, rather than disrupt the flow of change in their country - at least, from historical hindsight.

Maybe I should link back to the inspiration bit that spurred this blog entry. I read, on Spectrumville and Aspies Central, about a judge whipping his disabled daughter. I really feel outraged, but at the same time, I'm glad the video is out. It is high time that such an inhumane person with high qualifications be exposed from the exact things he doesn't want to see. I always think in terms of this Golden Rule:

Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets. (Bible - Matthew 7:12 (KJV))

I always don't like other people withholding information that is detrimental to my interests - so why should I do so to other people? Why should I withhold information that are detrimental to their first and foremost interests that harm them more than help them?

Say, if whipping my child is something I don't want to let other people see or do, why should I do it?

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Never disrupt the Truth.


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