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Favourite fictional characters

When I was growing up I was really into The Sandman graphic novels (comics). My favourite character was Delerium. I relate to her on so many levels... Originally she was Delight until her brother Destruction did something that traumatized her and she became Delerium. I love her and her fishy she takes for walks.

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When I discovered I had Autism, I did a deep dive into all the literature about the topic. Then I became interested in the fictional works that used characters with Autism to see if I found myself identifying with any of them. As an AuDHDer, I found a lot of overlap, but I still struggled to connect with most of them. Often it felt more like the author read a bunch of literature about Autism and simply placed all the basic stereotypes about us into one character to meet a basic plot point. I did not feel like many of them were authentic characters. They felt more like pathologized ones.

I did find a few notable exceptions to this, however. My favorite of these was a character named Artemisia in a book titled Vespertine by Margaret Rogerson. I thought the book was an outstanding piece of fantasy writing on its own merit. But the aspect I truly loved was that Artemisia was obviously neurodivergent, and the author never felt the need to point this out, like it was some sort of sickness. It was one of the first times I read a book with an amazing character I could identify with and not simultaneously feel pathologized.
Oh okay. I'm just usually drawn to colourful quirky characters and I'm starting to realize that quirkyness is usually divergence. I was surprised to find out Entrapta was autistic, I only found that out yesterday. But it made me happy and it made me proud :)

I probably identify the most with Tinkerbell as far as fictional characters go. *Does Google search*. Oh my goodness!!! Tinkerbell's Autistic too!!! Well, that has made my day!
cool im a big Fan of Captain Kirk want to be him
I always enjoyed watching his character, he could talk himself out of almost any situation and he appeared unflappable when facing near-death situations all the time. But I honestly had a difficult time identifying with someone who never followed the rules, constantly was visiting unfamiliar worlds, and had to constantly learn new customs and cultures. While I always wished I could be more like him, I know that I would have struggled mightily in that role.

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