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Reasons why I think I'm empathetic

I can easily recognise other people's feelings via body language

I can instinctively pick up on tone of voice and facial expressions

I feel guilt, remorse and shame a lot of the time if I feel I have upset someone (an overwhelming awkwardness)

People's feelings matter to me, even if someone has upset me like at work I'd still feel guilty for whistle-blowing on them (one time at school I felt bad for my bully for having to be paired up with me in a class exercise once)

I am often driven by people's feelings

I can usually put myself in other people's shoes when imagining their feelings

I am a good listener and empathiser, I find it easier to offer emotional support than to offer advice or dogmatic logic

Other people crying can make me cry

I am sensitive about animal cruelty, or any cruelty

Despite my impulsive personality and the tendency to not think before I say things, I can actually very easily control myself when it comes to keeping other people's secrets to myself. I think it's because I know that telling others what one person said could hurt all parties involved so intuitively I can keep quiet and my impulsivity doesn't win

I am loyal and loving in relationships

I wouldn't post nasty things to others online if not provoked

I try to understand people's feelings from their perspectives, usually

Instinctively preferring to lie to save someone's feelings than being blatantly honest. In fact, finding it difficult to give a short, binary answer to someone's face if I know it can hurt them

Making others feel good can help me feel good about myself (I am happy that they feel happy because I want them to be happy)

Now here are a few things that I've done that might be known as lacking empathy:-

The stubbornness to stand by my political opinions and forgetting that it might upset certain people

Expressing my feelings too much and not thinking first

Not always being able to learn from impulsive mistakes

Not being so much of a people-pleaser to people online unless they are liked or trusted by me

So the lacking empathy points are greatly outnumbered by the true empathy points.


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