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  1. Defense Mechanism

    No matter what people say, it's good for me to have some defense against all forms of hurt before i really master my interpersonal skills to build mechanisms against hurt. My own seniors in high school, even counting one NT, do spend some time alone doing the things they like. i just want to have some time alone when I can master my own destiny for a while almost completely.
  2. Social Success!

    I have had a lot of (big) social victories over this summer. I managed to go to the cinema with a group of friends, one whom I hadn't seen in years. I added her on Facebook and started talking and stuff. I was able to get two other female friends/associates numbers (whom I also haven't seen in years) and have been texting them to arrange social outings. I managed to organize a trip to the beach with them and my other friends. I used this opportunity to (small) talk to the female friends...
  3. Experiences in school

    I simply feel lost in my new school. First of all, too many people and I am like totally clueless, I feel a bit uncomfortable with rituals and I feel scared about tests and exams... Second of all, I do not see anyone familiar there. Then another thing to comment, the whole school looks soulless, faceless... we have to do everything ourselves. Argh....
  4. My experiences in school

    School started again for me. I am now studying in a school, this time round, in Singapore Institute of Management (SIM). It's a big and massive place as compared to little Powerpuff University. But there, the food is cheaper, the students more motivated and the lecturers funnier. But more serious and sombre, I suppose. (Note: Powerpuff University or PU is the nickname I gave to the previous school I attended, its real name is James Cook Australia Institute of Higher Learning) I feel ok...
  5. Bored

    I feel bored doing things... am I getting lazy? Have I lost my inspiration? Hmm hope I'll get better soon.
  6. ASDs fighting against each other

    Have you met any instance where ASDs fight against each other over trivial issues? I had witnessed one myself, as two autistics (good friends I know personally) fought verbally and didn't see eye to eye for interpretation of 'advocacy'. What a pity that friends, ASD friends can fight against one another for some issues that most others do not really understand. Sigh.
  7. Hanging Out

    I hanged out with a friend yesterday. He was good company. I really enjoy my time with him :) Now I hope y'all have a good night sleep. Enjoy the evening while it's still dark :)
  8. My Oh My

    My new pair of (black of course) shoes - I try to dry them but the rain comes... forgot to bring them in... Then I forgot to buy milk. Then my computer hanged for 2 hours or so... Hmm it's just purely coincidental I think. Never mind, I will just work with what I have today.
  9. I feel so old...

    Last night David and I went to the Tap 'n' Tin... Neither of us fancied a night in and the Beacon Court Tavern had nothing on. The night started out pretty quietly, David perusing the various woman (particularly the more curvaceous/voluptuous ones) and myself perusing one or two guys (one of whom I pointed out, turned out to be straight. Damn). After a couple of pints of Strongbow, we hit the Metal Cage. Absolutely fantastic time - all the tunes were from the 2000-2002 era, quite...
  10. Human Nature

    Most people are good by nature. If we start to label people 'bad', this means they are beyond the norm, and they seem to be divisive and uncommitted to our own ways. Yes, people make mistakes. But then, wouldn't it be good to let everyone else do mistakes and realize they are wrong, and try to rectify it? One mistake include really trying to think of ways to get just the maximum power, in order to boss around everyone. (I am guilty of that. And I realized long enough, I cannot please...
  11. Random Ramblings

    Super angry, pissed off. Father suddenly said I shouldn't have revealed my ASD. I just told him that I need a reason supported for explaining me not serving NS, while secretly being angry for two things: (1) He saying that I should not serve NS despite my own personal wishes (2) Me knowing that despite the marginal benefits I have as compared to the other individuals, I am still not able to fulfill my personal dreams and aspirations for the time being I'd love to be an urban planner....
  12. Tired

    I have ran out of things to say. I feel tired. Wow, that's unusual for an energizer bunny eh? Hmm... I will get over it soon, don't worry.
  13. Changed My Major

    I changed my major to accountancy and finance lately. I've been reading up on Economics and practising on my Maths...
  14. Do you have meltdowns

    do you have a lot of meltdowns or not i do not i have not 1(that i know of)
  15. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

    Yesterday was my birthday, and it was pretty bad most of the day because I was so tense and anxious my back hurt. I spent almost the entire workday goofing off in my lab trying to escape how awful I was feeling. In the evening I went down to the public library and checked out the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and retreated home to watch it after dinner. I like animated films more than live-action ones. I like some live-action ones too, but it's like my artistic side appreciates...