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  • You raise an excellent point. There will always be some people who refuse to be reasonable, however these tips can help in many situations. Losing our cool and sinking to their level won't help either, and may make matters even worse. I certainly hope that I'm not misleading anyone here. I just wanted to post some tips that have helped me. I really do appreciate your input, and I'm glad you have read my blog and responded so thoughtfully.

    You are right Spinning Compass. After thinking about it, my emotional response on your religious thread was not accurate. There are many in my area who are religious and will ostracize those of us who are not as religious. You made a good point. Thanks.
    Hi Spinning Compass, just read a few of your blog entries and thoughts. i too have a Catholic background and was a regular church goer until recently in my life of almost 60years. I think you're in your 50s too, is that correct? I like the way you write about church and scripture, faith and practice. I can also see something in your comments on relationships. I'm an Aspie man, married about 12 years. In my bad moods I am told that i am belligerent and antagonistic. Just checked these words out and found they are much stronger than I thought. This is the most negative aspect of my Aspergers, being in bad moods, which happens too often and in a cycle. I am going to a specialist therapist which helps but meanwhile my wife cops it at home. Other close friends have copped a blast of belligerent and antagonistic stuff from me in the past and they have moved on or kept a good distance. Perhaps I should paste this in a blog. Doing that now. Let's see what response I get. Anyway Just saying hi!
    Hi Spinning Compass. Your blog entries are so insightful, me and Tigris both discuss over them privately :)
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