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What was the last thing you cooked?


Video game and movie addict.
V.I.P Member
Broccoli chicken with cabbage, carrots, celery and Chinese five spice, stir fried in sesame oil. Served on a bed of brown rice.


You know, that one lady we met that one time.
V.I.P Member
Homemade Chicken and Goat Chevrie Mediterranean Pizza on Lavash Bread. About to pop it in the oven.


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V.I.P Member
A cauliflower and a purple carrot.

The carrot turned much of the cauliflower blue.

The color of this flower:


You know, that one lady we met that one time.
V.I.P Member
I'm going low carb and I found some interesting alternatives at Trader Joes. Kohlrabi "noodles" and Jicama "wraps" (about the size of a small corn tortilla). I experimented with them for this evening's supper.

In a stockpot, in a little olive oil, I browned cut up steak. I found there was not enough steak for the amount of leftovers I wanted to have, so I added a pound of ground beef to that. and added mushrooms and canned green beans. I allowed it all to simmer until everything was soft. Then I added in the kohlrabi noodles.

I noticed that the kolhrabi noodles had the exact same texture as cole slaw cabbage. The only difference is the shreds were longer, sort of like ramen that had been broken in half. The meat and mushrooms had created a lot of liquid, plus I had added a bit of water, so after I added the kolrabi noodles, I let it all cook down for a long time, until most of the liquid had been absorbed or evaporated.

I tried my hardest to make it into an Asian noodle dish. I added fish sauce, as well as my spices. But the food kept telling me it wanted to be Mexican/Asian fusion. Besides, the kohlrabi noodles had cooked down and were nothing like noodles. It was like cooked, shredded cabbage, honestly.

So I brought out the jicama wraps. I made 4 small tacos. 2 with the jicama wraps fried, and 2 with them raw. I actually liked it better with the raw jicama wraps. The fried ones just tasted like wet, greasy jicama.

Also- I tried browning one wrap without the oil, in a dry pan, the way you'd traditionally warm a tortilla. The jicama wraps are too thin and delicate. No matter how much I moved it around and tried to keep it from sticking, it stuck like glue to the bottom of the dry skillet.

I got really curious too- I took a jicama wrap and put it on a small plate. I topped it with shredded cheese and added a top jicama wrap. I microwaved it for one minute. I'd say it makes a pretty yummy quesadilla.

So the verdict- don't waste your money on kohlrabi noodles. It's just shredded cabbage. But the jicama wraps- other than being kind of wet and cold, they are the bomb as an alternative to the usual corn tortilla.

Note- Not only am I still absolutely stuffed at 3 in the morning, I have two yogurt tubs in the fridge, full of leftover cooked meat and veggies from this dinner, for other meal creations.

And I have heartburn too! Important note- fried jicama wraps are greasier than anything! just use them raw!


You know, that one lady we met that one time.
V.I.P Member
I'm not feeling very well at all, this morning, but I am a wee bit hungry, so when I found a Marie Callender's Cauliflower Crust pot pie hidden in the back of the freezer, I nearly cried, because I don't wanna cook anything on the stovetop.

I microwaved that, until the crust was browned and crisp. Meanwhile, I brewed myself a lovely cuppa green tea (okay, two cups of green tea). In each cup of green tea, I used two tea bags. I then poured in milk and sweet n low, like you would for coffee. It was a lovely, lovely breakfast. And it was just what I needed to raise my spirits a bit.

I drank my tea, took my vitamins, and listened to ancient Orthodox Christian Chants. It's my new favorite genre of music.

Jeff T

puzzling lifeform
Fried toast topped with slices of chicken breast, ham, pepperjack cheese, and two eggs. Sides were sausage, and home-made hash browns.
Blood sugar a bit higher than I'd prefer.
Dinner will probably leftovers- solar-cooked rice with cheese, tuna, and mushrooms.
Probably should get away from the computer and fix some Jamaica (Hibiscus) tea.


You know, that one lady we met that one time.
V.I.P Member
Homemade chocolate pudding.

Did you know that pudding and gravy are essentially the same food?

1/2 stick butter, melted. 1/3 cup flour, stirred in to make a roux.

For gravy: Stir in 2 cups of broth and 1/2 tsp salt.

For pudding: Stir in 2 cups milk, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/3 cup sugar (up to 1/2 cup, to taste), and 1 tsp vanilla. (For chocolate pudding, also add 1/4 cup of bakers cocoa powder).

Stir constantly for about 5 minutes, until it thickens.

Allow to cool.

Gluten free: In most recipes, you can often substitute cornstarch or mashed potato flakes for the flour.

For pudding: If you are trying to lower your carbohydrates, leave out the sugar and stir in two or three teaspoons of either Stevia, Equal, or Sweet N Low. (I don't know how to use Splenda. But I'm sure that's a good option for some people too).
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You know, that one lady we met that one time.
V.I.P Member
After an incredibly busy Friday night, I have been blessed with a quiet and restful Shabbat. I have been so fatigued that I really haven't eaten anything since sunup, and here it is, at the closing of the day of rest. So, I decided to make chicken soup.

I chopped up a seasonal mirepoix of fresh veggies: carrots, celery, and fennel. I sauteed them in a blend of unsalted butter and extra virgin olive oil. I used the following seasoning: boullion, cumin, sage, and hand-picked rosemary. I added white beans to the mix, and allowed everything to sautee until it was al dente and glistening.

Next, I stirred in one can each of: stewed tomatoes, green beans, chicken stock, and tomato soup. I allowed that to all simmer together for about fifteen minutes, until it was a lovely, aromatic vegetable soup. The perfect base for my fresh chicken breasts.

I cubed three chicken breasts, and stirred them into the soup. I allowed that to simmer for about 45 minutes, while I loaded the dishwasher and listened to ancient songs sung in Hebrew.

Now the soup is done, but it is still too hot. So, to settle my tummy, I made a nice cup of buttermilk lassi.

You take a large glass, and fill it about 1/4 of the way with plain yoghurt, or in my case, buttermilk. Fill the glass the rest of the way with water, and stir well. Then stir in a dash of salt, a capful of vanilla, and sweeten just to taste. I saw the cumin still out on the countertop, and out of pure curiosity, I sprinkled in the tiniest amount into my glass. Oh my goodness, I never knew how delicious a sweet drink could be, with cumin added to it. Just the tiniest amount, mind you, but it brings out the vanilla flavor. I think it would even be good in homemade vanilla ice cream.


You know, that one lady we met that one time.
V.I.P Member
Cod, breaded and oven fried

Tzatziki, made with minced cucumbers and radishes, in a dill / buttermilk dressing, with just a hint of peppermint, for a kiss of cool sweetness.

Meatloaf (I'm going to have a very busy evening, so I'd like to come home to something comforting and ready made). There was already lots of breadcrumbs on the cod, so to cut down on my daily carbohydrates, I mashed in white beans with the mix.

Also I am brewing peppermint coffee in my french press. I know it's late, but I barely slept last night, and this evening I have an appointment at six. I still have chores. And I'd like to squeeze in a bit of doordashing if possible, too.


You know, that one lady we met that one time.
V.I.P Member
Keto Chili Dogs - Homemade, from scratch, chicken and white bean chili with beef franks simmered in it. I like topping my chili with plain yogurt.

Candy cane keto coffee - In a French press, I added 1/3 cup of blond roast coffee grounds, 1/4 cup of baker's cocoa and 2 tsp of spearmint leaves. I stirred the dry ingredients, and then poured in the hot water from the kettle.

After five or so minutes, I pressed the grounds down. I filled a 16 oz tumbler 2/3 of the way with the chocolate/peppermint coffee, and filled it the rest of the way with milk. I then added 3 sweet and low packets, a dash of salt, and a dash of cumin to round out the flavor. It tastes like Christmas.


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V.I.P Member
Lentil Soup and Polenta, both from scratch. I added some snippets of my own homegrown sundried tomatoes, scallions and a few spoons of nutritional yeast powder (aka "nootch") to the polenta as well. Excellent. I serve the lentil soup over a few slices of the polenta in a bowl as an alternative to brown rice for something different.


You know, that one lady we met that one time.
V.I.P Member
I just baked parmesan fricos. MMMM! If you've ever had those "Whisps" snack chips that are only made out of cheese. This is the same thing, but homemade and cheaper.

You put parchment on a baking sheet, make little mounds of what ever shredded cheese you like, about the size of cookies. Then you put it in a 375 oven for 5 to 10 minutes. Just until the cheese melts. Then you pull it out and let them cool. Low moisture cheeses, like parmesan or cheddar will harden to be like crackers. But high-moisture cheeses like mozzarella will be softer and stretchier. Like cold pizza cheese.

It's keto and so delish!


You know, that one lady we met that one time.
V.I.P Member
A yummy stir fry.

Chicken, beef, homemade schmalz and bone broth, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, Thai fish sauce, Cuban-style Citrusy-Garlic seasoning, medicinal herbs.


You know, that one lady we met that one time.
V.I.P Member
I am experimenting with herb tea jello. I stirred 3 knox gelatin packets into six cups of hot hibiscus tea. I then added a few sweet n low packets, to make it to my liking. (okay I added six- I'm a sugar ant).

I put it in the fridge and we'll see how it turns out tomorrow.

Jello is one of my most favorite desserts. And if I can find a way to make it from herbs, oh what a breakthrough this'll be. I know Sweet N Low is bad, but it's not as bad as aspartame in sugar free Jello.

Here's hoping!

OMG think of the flavor of Celestial Seasonings "Wildberry Zinger", as a jello dessert!! If this works out, it'll be my next choice.

I can also sneak in medicinal herbs with the flavoring herbs, as a healthy tonic.

Gelatin is a good source of protein and collagen.

I'm so excited.

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