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What was the last thing you cooked?


You know, that one lady we met that one time.
V.I.P Member
I made myself a lovely brunch of chicken pot pie, and a mug of French-pressed honeyed coffee with vanilla creamer.

I didn't make the pot pie from scratch. I'm kinda sleepy and busy today, so it was a Marie Calender's Chicken Pot Pie with Cauliflower Crust. I was curious about the cauliflower crust, and it was on sale. I highly recommend it, although homemade pot pie can't be beat.


Active Member
Another thing I make regularly is pan fried potatoes. I peel and slice the potatoes, fry them in some oil, and season them with salt and pepper. I also add some green onion powder.


Staff member
V.I.P Member
Six ears of corn.

So, for a change, I didn't
have popcorn for supper


You know, that one lady we met that one time.
V.I.P Member
I am currently canning:

*2 quarts of fruit cocktail made from: mango, cherries, raspberries, and grapes, in medium syrup.
*1 pint Chicken breast
*2 pints Turkey burger

I just finished making a "seven day salad". That's basically a gigantic salad with tons of veggies, that will last several days.

On the stove, I have chopped up steak sizzling in olive oil, chopped limes, and salt and pepper. That will go on tonight's salad.

I have some leftover pasta from the other night. I might make a bed of chilled pasta on a plate, put some salad on that, and then steak on top.


You know, that one lady we met that one time.
V.I.P Member
I have a bounty of nectarines and apples that I wanted to can before The Sabbath, but I'm in mourning for Her Majesty. They'll have to wait.

I am sauteeing Sliced potatoes, garden fresh tomatoes, so ripe, they practically burst when you touch them, and baby portabella mushrooms.

I plan to make a lovely fritatta for dinner tonight, with leftovers for tomorrow's breakfast.


Edit, later this evening:

As the frittatta cooled, I shredded gouda over it, and allowed it to slowly melt.

I cut out a triangle of frittatta and set it on the plate. Strings of melted cheese followed the spatula from pot to plate.

On the side, was a portion of salad that I made the other evening, still crisp and bright. I also toasted up an English muffin. And I drank a glass of sweetened iced tea.
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Serenity waves, beachy vibes
V.I.P Member
Fake spaghetti- ramen noodles cooked, then dump a small can of tomato sauce. Then pretend it's the real deal. I go through stages of everything covered with tomato sauce or tomato paste.


You know, that one lady we met that one time.
V.I.P Member
BBQ Marinated Skirt Steak (pan fried in a wee bit of olive oil)
Homemade Potato Salad
Veggie Salad

Medicinal Tea for anxiety on the side
And a bottle of water.


You know, that one lady we met that one time.
V.I.P Member
The peaches are canning in the oven. I added vanilla, honey, and cinnamon to the pot, to make the finished product into mouth-wateringly good gifts for people.

Meanwhile I am baking up a crispy skinned whole chicken in the dutch oven, on the stove top.

Before I put the hen in, I fried up all the giblets. After the hen was ready to stew, I pulled out all the giblets and ate them from yuckiest (liver) to tastiest (neck). It was such a delicacy! That was a nice appetizer, plus it flavored the oil.

So once the lid was on the dutch oven, I made myself a kombucha cocktail.

Fill a tall glass 2/3 with kombucha, 1/3 with iced tea. Add the tiniest sprinkle of salt (just a few grains to cut the acidity). Pour homemade blueberry syrup over the top. Stir quick.

Yum, it's like blueberry soda!


Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
Fried potatoes, peppers and onions. I grew the potatoes and peppers in my garden. I drizzled some creamy cucumber dressing on them that I made from scratch using cucumbers that I also grew.

With that I had a made from scratch pork burger in which I grind the meat and mix the bratwurst spice blend. The burger was on a hamburger bun that, you guess it...I also made from scratch.



Gone sideways to the sun
V.I.P Member
Bean soup, which I never got to eat. It's now sitting in the fridge, no doubt slowly being taken over by mould. We had to leave in a hurry as my partner had to go to hospital, and now living in limbo, living out of a suitcase and eating ready meals from the supermarket. When I get home, I'll make a new bean soup.

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