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Ways Humans Can Help Other Animals

Tell NIH: Stop Funding Deadly Dog Experiments!
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This is a creature rescue still in Ukraine, Valerie & Leonid are vets ,who take food to shelters as well and appeal to ukrainians, leaving ukraine, to tell them where betrayed, abandoned animals are


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Outlaw Brutal Animal Traps
by: Animals Group
recipient: The Honorable Michael J. Newman, Commonwealth’s Attorney of Danville, Virginia
When the Danville Area Humane Society received a call stating that an officer had found a cat in a trap, everyone expected the animal to have gotten stuck inside a humane cage-like device. The actual scene was grislier; mangled inside a steel body-gripping trap designed to keep groundhogs still while being transported, the cat suffered severe organ damage and internal bleeding. Sadly, it had to be euthanized. Join the Humane Society’s executive director Paulette Dean in demanding that these cruel traps be banned.


The Conibear traps that killed this innocent companion animal were allegedly designed to be humane, but the way they operate tells a different story. The traps snap shut when an animal wanders into them, applying 90 pounds of pressure per square inch. Many animals, wild and domesticated, suffocate in the steel jaws or slowly die of internal injuries.

Ever since Danville deferred wildlife trapping duties from its police department to a list of local, state-licensed trappers, the kinds of traps used have been more difficult to regulate. Instead of humane, live-capture traps, many trappers employ body-gripping traps and steel-jaw leg traps. These cruel devices cause countless animals to suffer grievous injuries and excruciating pain. In some cases, they even lose their lives.

No pet owner should have to fear this kind of brutality in their hometown. Call on the government of Danville, Virginia to put an end to these barbaric animal trapping practices.

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Dear Michael J. Newman,

Countless animals have lost their limbs and even their lives to the brutal steel traps set by independent animal trappers in Danville. Both steel-jaw leg traps and body-gripping Conibear traps remain legal despite the suffering they cause. Recently, a cat who wandered into a steel body-gripping trap intended for groundhogs had to be euthanized following severe internal injuries.

Pet owners of Danville shouldn’t have to fear mutilation, pain, and suffering for their companions. These cruel devices have already caused too much harm. It’s time to make the city of Danville a safe, humane place for all living creatures. I urge you to ban these barbaric steel traps.


[Your Name Here]

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Annemarie C.
United Kingdom2 minutes ago
Sondra M.
California6 months ago
Sue C.
New York8 months ago
No animal should suffer a long and painful death from a metal trap that was left for them .It is cruel and inhumane and these devices need to be outlawed.
Daniel L.
Georgia10 months ago
nick r.
United Kingdoma year ago
Fernando M.
New York2 years ago
Lewis L.
Texas2 years ago
STOP the cruelty
Sharon S.
New Zealand8 years ago
claudia p.
Germany8 years ago
Ted W.
Texas8 years ago
Ivan S.
Croatia8 years ago
Monica B.
Singapore8 years ago
Italy8 years ago
samoura a.
Morocco8 years ago
christine H.
France8 years ago
ash b.
United Kingdom8 years ago
tom r.
Belgium8 years ago
Carla P.
Austria8 years ago
ptlouis d.
France8 years ago
marianna d.
Hungary8 years ago
Diane S.
Texas8 years ago
coudyser c.
France8 years ago
marie h.
Norway8 years ago
Michael G.
California8 years ago
siv anita g.
Norway8 years ago
Andrea D.
Germany8 years ago
angel r.
Spain8 years ago
Yvonne K.
Netherlands8 years ago
Kamal P.
California8 years ago
Isabella I.
Pennsylvania8 years ago
Matthew U.
California8 years ago
Laurie S.
Missouri8 years ago
cassie i.
Illinois8 years ago
Jan Vidar P.
Norway8 years ago
Sonia s.
Malta8 years ago
Athena M.
Nova Scotia8 years ago
juani c.
Spain8 years ago
Justin H.
United Kingdom8 years ago
Sandra C.
Washington8 years ago
Giles C.
United Kingdom8 years ago
Debra D.
Louisiana8 years ago
Margaret M.
United Kingdom8 years ago
cat e.
Alberta8 years ago
Christina S.
Brazil8 years ago
sylvia m.
Netherlands8 years ago
Phillip A.
United Kingdom8 years ago
Just how the bloody hell are these dreadful traps still available for use in 2013/14? This is the 21st Century for God's sake - not the Middle Ages!!
Ilona K.
Ireland8 years ago
Nilgun T.
Turkey8 years ago
Lesley D.
United Kingdom8 years ago
Deborah Z.
United Kingdom8 years ago
Andrew B.
United Kingdom8 years ago
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