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Today I learned something quite adorable!

Did you know that 2000 years ago, a member of the Hopewell Indian Tribe adopted a little orphaned bobcat, and when it died as a kitten, the family that owned it loved it so much that they buried the baby bobcat with their relatives?

It was found by archeologists wearing a cute little collar, decorated with carvings and stones, and buried in the same respectful manner as every other human member of their family.
Today I learned that Shakespeare's Othello is a play about an interracial marriage, and the racism of the people that surrounded the couple, trying to tear them apart, and driving them mad with gossip and lies.

And I also learned that the year that Othello was produced, Queen Elizabeth I tried to banish all people of African descent from England. So it is quite possible that Shakespeare was pleading the case for the disenfranchised people.

And just now I learned that no black man played Othello, until the mid 19th century, when an actor named Ira Aldridge took the role in London. There was a great racist effort by many people to prevent him from taking the stage. But as he played the role, the audience was held in silent rapture. Later it was quoted that his performance was “one of the finest physical representations of bodily anguish we have ever witnessed.”


Ira Aldridge: Shakespeare’s black Othello


Painting of Ira Aldridge, in the role of Othello.
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I did some voice acting today.

sadly, I wish I learned how I did it.

what I actually learned however?
was that there's no point. Audacity didn't want to co-operate.
The other day I learned about how female Sea Monkeys (brine shrimp) can lay different types of eggs depending on the quality of the water they're living in, such as normal eggs and dormant eggs with a special shell around them so that they survive if the water level in their tank is too low or the saline content is too high. If the conditions of their tank is exceptionally good, the females can give birth to live babies instead of eggs.
(I know it's another comment about psi/metaphysical but...)

TIL that the hands are usually the most effective focal point to project or receive energy whether it is psionic or otherwise made.

Kinda useless info, I know, but come on guys, you know what I've seen :p
That makes more sense. My dad always told me it was for change. But there's no room to dig down in there and get your change out.
It's a perfect spot for a guitar pick. Back when I wore jeans, I kept a pick in that little picket on every pair of jeans and it never washed out in the laundry.
It's a perfect spot for a guitar pick. Back when I wore jeans, I kept a pick in that little picket on every pair of jeans and it never washed out in the laundry.
I am always losing guitar picks,my washer likes to eat guitar picks and my socks .
I am always losing guitar picks,my washer likes to eat guitar picks and my socks.
If you end up trying the 5th pocket stash spot and loving it, let me know. I'd like to bee praised for having such a good idea. :sunglasses:
Many "wise sayings" that sound positive are either misunderstood or people only say the incomplete version to make them sound optimistic.
My personal favorite is "Rome wasn't built in a day", which is supposed to encourage someone to keep trying at something if they don't succeed right away. But the saying really goes "Rome wasn't built in a day, but it was burned in one", which means something you worked hard at to get really good or successful at can be taken away from you at any time, which is much more realistic.
Last night I learned the reason that haggis is publicly banned in the United States is because haggis contains sheep lungs, which are not seen as fit for human consumption by the FDA. Funny thing is that there's probably worse stuff in the usual breakfast sausages in North American grocery stores.

Not that I'm going to try haggis anytime soon.
Quite a lot actually. I made a post about an athlete in the women's world cup (football/soccer) and I have gotten some great replies which gave me some really good insight into the expierence of people which can help me understand student at the school I work at better.
According to an online article I read, I am, indeed, a misanthrope. Oh, I don't hate all humans, obviously, but I don't like the human race as a whole and the way it's headed to right now.

Although many of the signs of misanthropy are very similar to that of Asperger's. Preferring to do things alone, saying things that offend people due to your bluntness, having interests others see as weird or not normal, a hatred of parties, having headhones for best friends, having an anxiety disorder, enjoying the internet because you can shop, read, work, and learn things without other humans around, but hating social media. Of course, social media is pure misanthropy fuel where you can see the whole human race at its worst. I heard that the idiots online are always the loudest. So why are the smart ones online so quiet? You'd think they'd try to make themselves heard, if they exist.

Another sign of misanthropy is having to convince others you're not a psychopath. I don't think most people think I'm a psychopath. Except maybe some people who worked at the group home or the hospital.
That according to Reddit, an immigrant can spend eight whole years living in Canada not knowing that you can flush used toilet paper down the toilet, as long as you don't use so much that it clogs it up.
Yesterday I learned that a "zombie strip" is not an undead being in the adult entertainment business. It's a name for a comic strip that's still running long after its original creator has retired or died. Such comics receive a lot of criticism for not being as good as they were when written by the original creators.

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