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The last thing you bought?

Forest Cat

Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
I admit, I’ve been wondering more than is normal why you purchased these?

I collect antiques. ;)

No, I just have some sitcom DVDs I need to organize a little better. And those empty CD cases are perfect for the job. And cheap.
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Neur-D Missionary ☝️
V.I.P Member
Back when our local video rental store went out of business, they gave me a big box of clear VHS cases. I use them to store 1:6 scale clothing as one would store books.

Forest Cat

Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
Lock oil.



Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member

Took blatant advantage of my employee discount and got a set of watercolour pencils. They didn't cost the earth and are looking like a good medium for this...



I am among no one.
Last week I bought a ticket to a NXT event that will be in the area on Saturday. I'm sure the seats will suck because the people I'm going with are kinda cheap and wait until the last minute to decide if we're going, I would have liked to buy my ticket at least a month ago. But, I'm glad to just be going at all.


You know, that one lady we met that one time.
V.I.P Member
Fred Meyer (and possibly other Kroger stores) is having a bogo sale on beef. Buy one get one free on roasts, steaks, and ground beef. That was my investment.

Princess Viola

Well-Known Member
I went to a comic book/toy store and anime store today and picked this stuff up.


Except for the two Lego Minifigure blind-bags, I got those at Walgreens.


Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
1 pouch of Captain Black pipe-tobacco. It is not very good, but it smells nice. If they keep on they will have created a tobacco almost entirely devoid of nicotine, as well as flavor. It smelled decent, if not delicious, but it tasted a bit like a secondhand description of a smoke. I shall have to find a real tobacconist again and just buy a half pound of whatever the guy behind the counter has blended. It's cheaper that way and, considering it tastes like a full meal, it is really the best thing for a cheap smoke.

I also found a set of gramophone records with Brahms' 2nd in D Major, some 1930s "Philharmonic Transcription" label records. That was a good five dollar find and I really liked the music, the mint condition of the discs, and the crisp sound quality of immaculate well recorded shellac. They play well on my machine, a conventional Victrola upright, but should be downright revelatory on the Brunswick Panatrope as it has a later model tonearm and better responsiveness.

Cheap thrills.


Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
Haven't received it yet, but with snow it will be delayed a bit. The letters on the keys of my existing keyboard are wearing off so I'm taking a chance with another cheap keyboard that may be an improvement. I'd rather not spend over $100 for a fancy Logitech keyboard if this one works out. But I know how keyboards can be such a crapshoot.

It was at my front door this evening. Just charged it up and it works great. A bit smaller than my previous keyboard, but hey...it works, is wireless and has some real weight to it. And it didn't cost me a hundred bucks. Just hope it lasts. One thing I kept from my Logitech keyboard was an extender that works for any USB dongle. Allowing my wireless signal to work more efficiently, even at a short range of less than three feet.

It's infuriating that Logitech makes some of their keyboards to last, but at the same time they allow the lettering on keys to wear away so in effect they're only good for about a year or so. But their latest wireless keyboards, both large and mini are selling for ridiculous prices now. Though most wireless mini keyboards made by so many no-name brand manufacturers selling at much lower prices have a poor track record of either working or not lasting very long.

No longer a bargain:

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Mr. Stevens

Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
Some books (online):

Cane - Jean Toomer (Norton Critical Edition)
A Girl's Story - Annie Erneaux
The Complete Poems and Plays of T.S. Eliot
Felicia's Journey
- William Trevor
Two Lives: Reading Turgenev & My House in Umbria - William Trevor

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