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The Drupal Association is threatening to destroy my life because I'm autistic

Discussion in 'General Autism Discussion' started by Teleya31, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. Teleya31

    Teleya31 New Member

    Jul 16, 2017
    Hey, I'm new here.

    I'm writing to ask for help from people who might have gone through what I'm going through now.

    Many years ago, I became friends with someone who helped to look after me and let me move in with him. He is a software developer in a technical group named Drupal. He even taught me about programming and I went to some events with him.

    I am very shy and being around strange people is often really hard for me. I later learned from my friend that I made some people in his community feel uncomfortable: Some info, not too much, mostly plants – Manning Peterson – Medium

    We parted ways since then and I have gone on to marry a man whom I deeply love.

    But now, because of my attendance at these tech events, the Drupal Association have been dragging me into the spotlight and they are using me to cast a negative light on my friend.

    They have called into question my ability to make decisions for myself. There's so much written about me, I don't know where to begin, but this statement should give you an idea:

    Drupal Association and Project Lead Statement Regarding Larry Garfield

    I have seen reports that my relationship with my friend has been reported to Adult Protective Services. I have not been contacted by them or by the police, and neither has my friend or my husband.

    I'm extremely worried about what's going to happen. I'm worried about being further disgraced and shamed in public by people who don't know what it's like to be autistic. I'm worried I will watch my marriage and my whole life fall apart before my eyes.

    If anyone here has been through a similar situation, I could really use your help learning how to prepare. What can I do to protect myself and my marriage? What should I do if me or my husband are contacted by APS? How can I prevent this from happening ever again?

    Thanks for any help you can offer. If you feel so inclined, please add a comment on the thread about your perspective on this issue.
  2. Katleya

    Katleya Well-Known Member V.I.P Member

    Mar 11, 2017
    This is very confusing, but my best guess would be for you and the other party to sue for libel; but legal counsel would be better than my opinion on that.
  3. Mia

    Mia Well-Known Member V.I.P Member

    May 27, 2015
    Whatever happened to you, it was misinterpreted by people that you encountered at these events. It doesn't seem as if this relationship with your friend should actually cause you concern now.
    It seems as if, based on what's been written, that your friend will weather this. If you haven't been contacted by any government agencies by now, it's highly likely that this entire thing will be forgotten. It wouldn't be a priority now that you are not so much in this person's life. Seems as if too many of them, read the book; Fifty shades of grey.
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  4. Momo

    Momo Well-Known Larrikin

    Jun 10, 2017
    I don't think that if they haven't already taken action that they will. But I would still seek legal advice and keep your cards close in hand and ready to deal if anything goes even more awol. Things have a way of deteriorating very quickly without warning at times.
  5. Darius

    Darius Active Member

    Jul 7, 2017
    How about contacting the Drupal Association and asking them what they did and what they plan? After contacting legal advisor. It looks like they acted on an info that was obtained illegally. But did they post your name oficially? If they did you can always sue that person and ask for removal of your data (and ask Google).

    They wrote that they want the third party to stay private. I don't think DA would pursue it further.
  6. OlLiE

    OlLiE Active Member

    Jun 26, 2017
    it's a bit odd, essentially they are saying he was using you, and now they are using you to fire him?

    in my opinion your friend could sue for wrongful termination, if he were to do so, then determining the nature of your relationship to him would likely be relevant (and the subject of investigation), if he doesn't then no one really has any interest in pursuing the matter, although if it has been reported to a government office whose job it is to protect the vulnerable, then they could be obliged to follow up (but if they haven't by now... or maybe its just a lie that they had been contacted)

    however, from what i have read you were a friend with autism which some people in a new and unknowing group interpreted as you being under control of your friend, in any case you haven't done anything wrong, and have no reason to be embarrassed, i wouldn't think that either your husband or friends would have any reason to think any less of you

    if you are annoyed that the company has used your name and private information in public communication, you can also contact a lawyer to see if it is possible to get a cease and desist + remove all previous communication - although this may reignite the situation with Drupal - the decision is yours
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