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Statistics: Covid & Vaccines

Hard to avoid even minor covid infections even in my own home. unfortunately, I live in Brampton Covid central during the height of the pandemic Like the Chinese east Indians in general are carry the Covid gene.in China only the Han. this virus does not care about political correctness.


  • Ron's Temperature.pdf
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Looks like I may have caught the covid virus at the physio clinic hard for me to avoid this virus.


  • Ron's Temperature.pdf
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  • Ron's blood pressure.pdf
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Why do I feel like I'm the only person that knows how covid works nothing has falsified, what I see.
At least now I know I have the gene, my wife does not, cannot believe a lot of scientists', do not know what is going on yet keep their mouths shut. You do not need to be a brain surgeon
Considering who got the Nobel prize last year for medicine last year tells me the people that count know what is going on.
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Just started reading the last back issue of scientific March 2022 special edition all about CovId basically to me a 20/20 hindsight edition as it talks about some of the errors made such as not recognizing this virus was air borne.
I realized this from the beginning due to my engineering background.
latest read, in 2022 only 10 % of Africa's population has been vaccinated. To date the virus as far as I know is only very active in China. The elephant in the room is that this virus is not an equally opportunity virus, so not everyone needs to get vaccinated.
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Reworked the Ontario data with a 5-sigma upper control limit. For one week if you had the gene your chance of avoiding getting infected was virtually nil.


  • Ontario Covid Cses at 5 sigma.pdf
    294.5 KB · Views: 86
Just watched U-tube video from doctor from Africa asking question why now that covid is in decline, why with very low vaccine rate did as predicted deaths not happen, and why is the scientific community not asking question what is different. about Africa.
So my problem with these posts is I do not have a background in statistics.
I find your posts interesting, but if you know more but are not going to explain it, then you're just leaving me (and probably most people on here) with only their own interpretation of the raw data you are posting. But then you tell us not to try to interpret the data cause we don't know statistics.

Are you only intending to post this data for the few people here that have a background in statistics? If so, I guess I'll ignore your posts despite them seeming to be quite interesting. If you want to target a more general audience though, I'd suggest maybe you share more of that knowledge you've got on the subject so we can understand what you're sharing better.

I would very much like to understand what you're sharing in more detail.
Know that I have reread this here is the best way to explain SPC is all about bell curves just think of grabbing both ends of the curve treating it as rope and pulling it taut into and the kicking out any points that deviate to much from flatness in this case 2% or more. I hope this helps. Deviation is measured by what is called sigma 3 sigma is 2% 5 sigma is 1 part per million. 6 sigma 4 parts per billion
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Took my my current data recalculated using five sigma for Ontario, Toronto and Peel region interesting. Failure for one week only for Ontario 4 days for Toronto and no failures in Peel. Basically if you got together for Christmas and new year's in Ontario you had a slight chance of getting Covid in Toronto only getting together for new year's increased your chances. Having the gene and being Christian was a bad combination, probably worse if you had not gotten vaccinated.


  • Covid Toronto 5 sigma.pdf
    290.3 KB · Views: 77
  • Ontario Covid Cses at 5 sigma.pdf
    294.6 KB · Views: 78
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Based on what I.ve seen so far not everyone needs to be vaccinated Stated this from the beginning less than 10% of population got infected. during new years 2022 f you did not get vaccinated you had a 1 in a million chance of not getting infected if you have the gene.

Added York region and deaths at 5 sigma level. I'm not sure how to interpret the range on these charts sort of like a side kick to the main graph. Batman to his RobIn.


  • York Covid Cases 5 sigma.pdf
    288.2 KB · Views: 71
  • Covid Death 5 sigma.pdf
    296.8 KB · Views: 75
  • Covid Toronto 5 sigma.pdf
    290.3 KB · Views: 80
  • Ontario Covid 5 sigma.pdf
    294.6 KB · Views: 92
  • Covid Peel 5 Sigma.pdf
    234.5 KB · Views: 58
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I reworked the charts making them less busy default SPC 3 sigma and two additional charts for each area 4 and 5 sigma. know you can see real obvious patterns.


  • COVID ONT 4 sigma..pdf
    294.3 KB · Views: 66
    294.3 KB · Views: 66
  • covid ontario 3 sigma.pdf
    293.9 KB · Views: 76
  • Covid Toronto.pdf
    289.5 KB · Views: 52
  • Covid Toronto 4 Sigma.pdf
    289.7 KB · Views: 68
  • Covid Toronto 5 sigma.pdf
    289.7 KB · Views: 57
  • Covid peel 4 Sigma.pdf
    234.1 KB · Views: 69
  • Covid Peel 5 Sigma.pdf
    234.5 KB · Views: 65
  • York Covid Cases 4 sigma.pdf
    288 KB · Views: 61
  • COVID YORK.pdf
    289.5 KB · Views: 55
Bottom line at the parts per million level Percent infected were at the following levels Ontario 7.16%, Toronto 9.26 %, Peel region 10.98 % and York region 5.16%. Amazing how few people actually required to be vaccinated with 20 /20 hindsight. Why keep this quite now. IF you never got vaccinated and had the gene on Jan 1, 2022 you had a 1 in a million chance of avoiding getting infected, many case's would have been mild due to natural immunity after previous infections.
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Watched a u-tube video on a summary of covid deaths to date stated total deathrate was ' 0.066% interesting my statistics for Ontario was 0. 065%
Just started reading the last back issue of scientific March 2022 special edition all about CovId basically to me a 20/20 hindsight edition as it talks about some of the errors made such as not recognizing this virus was air borne.
I realized this from the beginning due to my engineering background.

Ronald - Many of us recognized within the first month of the pandemic that the virus is airborne. It doesn't take an engineering degree to realize that. All it takes is an elementary understanding of science and some common sense.
Our government did not recognize this for the first year and a half it took a letter from a bunch of engineers.
and even them we were instructed to wear masks. I never wore a mask outside. I remember Fauci stating he was not an engineer He is very well educated. the medical professions attitude is only the measles is air borne. Particle size in engineering and medical has different definitions Unfortunately common sense is not that common Remember all the hand wringing when their was protests when many of the protesters did not wear masks.

Years ago, I made a breakthrough in colour control because I was familiar with Reynolds number ago apparently chemists are not.
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US medical professionals knew very early on that the covid virus is primarily airborne, just like a common cold, influenza and other viruses. My husband, a retired radiologist, said from the very beginning that it was airborne. We wore masks only when indoors with other people and we avoided other people as much as possible.

I'm confused by your original hypothesis that blood type was the primary factor in Covid outcome. Now you're saying it is a gene. Even if one or both of those things are relevant, the biggest factor for contracting covid is being around infected people. China, with its densely populated cities, poverty and low educational level, was hard hit. Africa, most of which is sparsely populated, fared better.

Obesity, diabetes, smoking and other health factors are a huge determinate for outcome. Most of the people who died from covid had underlying medical conditions that made them vulnerable.

Particle size is particle size, regardless of whether it has a medical, engineering, environmental or any other application.
I have no interest into getting into a debate on an Aspie site I am now retired I've had enough of this crap when I was an employee, I was correct then and I stand by what is on this thread. If you do not believe me, do you own research I was flattered when German hospitals and the Max Planck Institue via Linkedin reviewed my data. I guess their is some fellow Aspies at these locations.

Noble prize 2022 for medicine, what did he win it for. Look it up. Hopefully my data played a small part.
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Ronald, I respect your work and perseverance, but I don't understand whether you think there is a covid gene that causes people to contract and die from covid, or if there is a particular blood type with the same propensity, or if there is a combination of both at play. All I'm asking is that you briefly explain which, if any, of the three scenarios I listed above, is the conclusion that you reached in your research.
I have stated for a while there is a genetic basis for who gets infected. a gene inherited from a distance neanderthal ancestor. If you do not carry the gene, you do not get sick. Many east Indians carry the gene. Brampton where I live has a very large east Indian population. Peel region. Mississauga next door also part of Peel region does not the contrast between the two cities is too large to ignore. At the beginning Brampton had double the rate of covid of Mississauga. Both cities have similar populations all the data is available I have no interest in holding any one's hand.
I found out recently that one researcher that from Africa that made a major breakthrough with the RNA vaccine is pissed. they never received much vaccine. as a continent, his big concern now is why did central Africa not get nailed. by the pandemic why is no one questioning. Why are the scientists keeping their mouths shut?
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