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Should an American adult try to get diagnosed?


Well-Known Member
Given that I probably won't need disability or accommodations at work (although letting the A/C run in the afternoon would be most helpful!), would it be a good idea to pursue a diagnosis?
Yeah, it'd just be a means of closure on the matter I guess. No harm in trying, though they might not give you a diagnosis so easily - just stop trying for a diagnosis if they mess you around, I've heard some horror stories. :( Lol.
Huh? Aspies aren't more prone to getting sick, are they?

Thats not the thing . I am not that read up about it but its a serious deal.

check out this youtube video. its abit low sound on it but its Temple Gradin talking about adults to get diagnosed or not. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fn0yZKbifAs

She mentions it will wreck the health insuarance coverage something.
if doctors keep trying to make you have drugs for psychotic mental illness even after never able to diagnose you with one and just decides since have problems you still just have to have one then i would get diagnosed to stop them from the always must have a mental illness and never able to diagnose any

doctors like to decide you must have to have a mental illness even when not able to diagnose any so they always use the side effects from the drugs they give to prove what they decided to find and make excuses why the side effect list from fda and other medical books about the drug is wrong and medicine never has side effects and all new problems is the real you

this is what doctors was doing to me until i got autism diagnosed in writing and they even made up problems i never had since other people have these problems i just have to have them too

doctors will do what they have to so they can force you to fit the diagnosis they decided you are going to have and that includes making you have legal problems with the irs just because you have to make payments for taxes and they make the payment plan sound like you commit fraud and not file taxes at all and get arrested

payment plan to pay taxes is not legal trouble but these doctors like to just make things up and make a non crime actually be a crime when they write things

if a payment plan to pay taxes was a crime they would not have forms to let people ask to have one

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