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Share good puns and jokes.

I have thousands of Anime jokes!

"To an Owner of a Flying Nimbus Cloud... your vehicle is being ticketed"

or what about this one?

"Dad! I'm taking the Giant Robot to school!"

or even, umm...

"Don't touch my Service Pokemon! I need him for emotional support!"

one more? ok.

"Princess Mononoke? that Historical Documentary? no thanks. I'm going to watch "Desperate House Waifus" until I fall asleep."

I have more, trust me.
The below is a true, longer story, but a few of the statements father below you might find somewhat funny, with regards to the incompetence, suggestions, other remarks or thoughts .The rest though is not funny, when our child was harmed..Making light of it though is better than obsessing about them and breaking all those people in two.

Background information: We noticed our 2nd child at about three years old had all the core components of Autism by this time, and was even nonverbal still. Also, the first child was already diagnosed with Autism by then. So, we knew what Autism typically entailed.

Anyway, I detailed to each medical service provider by letter all those signs, symptoms, delays and behaviors, told them of our other son's Autism, with these specialists then either stating either a diagnosis, recommendation or giving some strange response after reading that letter and observing our child:

One pediatrician looked up his nose, in his ears, listened to his heart and breathing and basically said, 'Everything looks fine to me. It is not too atypical the things you mentioned for a child that age (even though we detailed severe limited diet feeding problems, nonverbal speech, severe sensory issues, severe difficulties with sleep, hand flapping, tip toe walking, spinning himself...). Give it time he should grow out of it. '

Another pediatrician basically said it could not be Autism as he had some eye contact and fine motor skills. As for that child not eating, this doctor said 'well if you leave the food out there and have a refrigerator full, trust me, he will eventually eat (all those other foods he rejects).' "Why would I trust you," I thought, "You cannot even diagnose Autism. "

The feeding therapist the child was referred to said it was the worst case they ever saw a child when he refused all their food and feeding attempts, with him closing his mouth and vomiting at the sight of any food (even the three foods he tolerated at our place) for numerous visits at this clinic and he was screaming at their attempts. So, instead of them considering Autism too, or admitting their own failures, they suggested it must be our environment. Did they ever consider because of his severe routines and sensory issues he needed his own same chair, the same person to feed him, the same location, and he was afraid by their rubber gloves and being strapped in? That lady looked like a surgeon ready to operate on him. Of course he'd be scared.

The sleep study person saw his child screaming at the top of his lungs and in severe panic mode for twenty or more minutes straight when they put all these electrodes and wires on his body one by one which he tore off and was trying to get out of that traumatic place. He eventually fell asleep though from exhaustion and no energy left but kept awakening, so I in a bed near him got up and tried to get him back to sleep those times by holding his hand. Anyway, I think the staff purposefully wanted him to keep waking up, as it was partially lighted in the room, extremely hot, there was lots of beeping, and staff kept entering. Anyways, when I met them weeks later for followup I asked if they thought he had sensory issues, a part of possible Autism. "No, he just had Circadian Rhythm, ' and they just recommended some specific vitamin suggesting that was his sleep difficulties cause too. She likely wrote a book about Circadian Rhythm or got kickbacks from the vitamin sales guy, as she had no proof he was deficient in any vitamins, and as how could that CR condition be proved if he had most of the electrodes ripped off prior to him falling sleep, and not replaced by them as they worried he'd awake again. Oh. I guess that violent screaming by him earlier was normal too, when they were putting those sticky things on him, when prior he was laughing his head off with me alone in the room jumping on their cheap bed and pulling plugs near the wall. And the waking up early and wanting to get up, non talking at this age and other delays and core symptoms that they knew about too. I guess that did not register with them as possibly Autism either? So, the recommendation by them was basically this: Take that vitamin and call back if signs and symptoms persist. At least they did not tell him to eat an apple, I guess

So, we eventually were referred to a child behavioral specialist for this son, after we said we wanted him diagnosed for Autism. We gave that detailed letter to them explaining why we felt that way, listing all the core components and more. Well, they said it would cost around fifteen to twenty thousand for a diagnosis, if I remember correctly. They wanted us to apply for a grant. They said it might take a year or more for the evaluation. Things sounded fishy to me. In the meantime, they of course wanted regular visits of play therapy to observe. Well, that first meeting he again was screaming his head off and wanting to leave. This worker acted judgemental by her questions, and as seen by her posture and facial expressions, and I knew what she was likely thinking. 'These parents must be monsters. This child does not want to even play here. ' Well, could it be he had undiagnosed Autism and fears new places and persons? Could it be too much sensory stimulation too with all the dozens of toys in the room, or as many were not lined up, or in specific containers or places, but scattered all over?

Anyway, we read the report much later, and she too never even mentioned Autism or sensory issues as a possibility.

Another pediatrician wanted this child to do ABA, despite this son not having the diagnosis of Autism yet? So, a nonverbal child who could not either listen, understand and follow directions then, they were supposed to be trained to do what? Trained to not get mad at sensory triggers? Trained to do things he could not do? Give him food as a reward, he would have thrown it at their face. Give him a toy he would have broken it into pieces. Heck, if there were pens there he would have scribbled on their walls. If he was told to stop doing that, he would have laughed and did more of that.

This child also went to an alternative doctor too and although he wanted to do lots of lab testing and have this child eat organic and other strange stuff (this doctor had an organic farm), did he not read what we said about the child having severe difficulties getting blood drawn with him trying to break free and screaming and inability to eat nearly all foods because of taste, texture, smell and /or aesthetics?. At least he honestly tried to get to any physical root of the problem to see if their were any imbalances, I guess, but then when we were told to give him just gluten free, casein free foods, all these weird products like tree bark, charcoal, glutathione, peptides, and other weird sounding things, we thought secretly this mad scientist lost his mind.

So, the moral to the story is we should not have gone to quacks for this child for an Autistic diagnosis , unless that doctor was a specialist in Autism, or like if their name was Fino. Those others he saw either do not have a clue about Autism, or as they are trained to diagnose or focus on only what they treat, and to get extensive treatments, or to just follow some rigid protocol. They could care less about either a correct and quicker diagnosis, harming the child with some wrong treatment, being thorough, etc., As long as they get paid and the insurance goes through, they are happy perhaps.

Eventually, between age three and four, this son did see a specialist in Autism and neurological conditions and that child was only then given ASD and ADHD diagnoses.
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A Cliffhanger...!
A climber fell off a cliff but managed to catch hold of a small branch as he tumbled down.
“Help! Is there anybody up there?” he shouted.

A majestic voice boomed through the gorge and replied: “I will help you, my son, but first you must have faith in me.”

“Yes, yes, I trust you!” Cried the man.

“Let go of the branch,” boomed the voice.

There was a long pause, and the man shouted up again: “Is there anybody ELSE up there?”

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