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Pick out symptoms


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Doctors insist and it's not just me but in general that pregnancy doesn't cause health issues, deny this is mysogonistic!!

Aside from feeling of being overwhelmed at not playing with baby, it was type of dry-burn out. One day when kids turned 12 I refused to spend hours watching everyday as I was burnt out, tired of all the on-demands. I don't want to go to the beach anymore, I said because the chore was killing me, watch watch. I got sick of being only one ensuring speech homework was done and refused to clean house.

Aside from burnout these were early altzeimer symptoms showing after pregnancy

Loss of spontaneity and sense of initiative.

Losing track of dates or knowing current location

Repeating questions or forgetting recently learned information.

It's now 15 years later and my ability to program computers is more evident, so above symptoms were starting in my 30 and now, I think I'm 43 my symptoms are more obvious and muscle pain.

I don't think new age was even a spiritual open door to women until now, I remember loosing interest in Bhagavad-Gita because it only trained men and women locked up to clean before marriage.
Every time I want to start my business I'm having issues, money, not working out...I believe it's on purpose it' lingers over my symptoms...even changing to less demanding work such as my jewellery and clothing business.
I think if family took boys more often and I got out house more I'd have enjoyed home and motherhood more, I felt a huge load was dumped on me and 'this' created resentment.
I don't think it's hormones that made me stop wanting to mother....there's self clean aspect is where when I clean it it never stay clean, but when others learn to clean up it's improved.
Also the homeschool phase that's a lot of work, get out house less. If I'd had options to affordable nixmorf school I would be defined as happy mum as opposed to run-down.

Hormones are receiving negative connotations, and what would a male doctor know about female responses to overload vs begin to understand female hormones. This attitude is bad for women such as deriving IQ results whereby there is sexism and being harassed for sex since they think about it more than us....is not relational to our IQ.
I only learnt to speak up later, always quiet....
If I had cheeky guts to have let people know how I felt all along....I think it would best
@Kayla55, I am sorry you experienced doctors with an apparent ignorance about postpartum complications and health risks. As someone working in the neonatal ICU for over 35 years and, attending countless deliveries, and at our hospital, we deliver on 4 different floors, and deliver around 8000 babies a year. So to make a suggestion that somehow "doctors" think pregnancy is in any way benign, appears to be your unfortunate experience, not mine. Furthermore, the majority of our OB-GYN team are actually females. Women literally die in childbirth in 2024, even with the best of high tech equipment and facilities, diagnostics, and most experienced nurses and doctors right there monitoring the entire process.

We have an entire hospital tower dedicated to women's health, some 9 floors dealing with all sorts of conditions associated with pre, during, and post pregnancy.

Short term postpartum health risks: Postpartum complications: What you need to know

Long term postpartum health risks: More than a third of women experience lasting health problems after childbirth, new research shows

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