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Need to scream?


V.I.P Member
Do you ever want/need to scream for no apparent reason? I do. I guess it's mostly when I'm happy or something like that. Happy isn't the right word, maybe excited is better. Sometimes I'd wake up and the first thing I do is walk around the house screaming for about an hour. When I used to live together I couldn't do this, but now that I can I really enjoy it. I sometimes wonder what the neighbors think of it though. :p
I very much feel like screaming when I'm mad. When I'm excited or happy? Naw, never.

This may sound weird, but I sometimes scream in my head because I don't think I could ever get quite pissed off enough to actually scream.

Is this what you sound like when you scream, Gonzerd?


Oh yes definitely! Nothing beats the occasional screaming session. The most enjoyable scream for me is when I go out in to the countryside and just shout like hell at sheep or cows. Nobody around for miles. Man it's beautiful!

Quite often I'll just sit in the house and scream around for the hell of it. Usually drown it out with loud music though. :D
I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this :lol2:
Sometimes when I come home from school and nobody's home, I walk around the house and scream. I don't know why. I'm not angry or excited about anything. Maybe it's just because I don't talk at all at school, so I have to let out some kind of sound...? I don't know. Makes me feel better for whatever reason, though.
For me, I want to scream and shout whenever I feel so excited about something but I obviously do this in my head or sometimes I just feel like that for pretty much no reason. :lol2:
When I'm happy I sometimes feel the urge to scream (in a positive way) or make strange noises like "Whooooop!" or exclaiming "Oh Yeah!"
or exclaiming "Oh Yeah!"

Like the Kool-Aid Man's "Oh Yeah!"? If so, I kind of do the same thing, but for joke purposes of course. Then I would say, "Oh No!" as well, but sounding like the Kool-Aid man. :S

As to the topic, I only scream in rage, anger, and in pain. :S
I sometimes crow like a rooster, cluck like a chicken, or quack...many mornings I meow with my cat, until he gets way too loud. I often do it when I'm in a really good mood, or just really bored.
Well aren't we a bunch of happy screamers. :)
I never found a lot about this in the literature about Asperger's or autism, but I'm really happy with your reactions.
And ???, the need to scream has been a bit absent the last couple of days, but when the mood strikes me again, I'll try to remember to push the record button.
I never really noticed my reactions to be happy until I got a job offer yesterday. I was so excited I could barely contain myself. I felt like waving my arms around and wanted to scream lol.

i dont scream much... only at flamly
Yes, yes, yes!
I mostly do it when I'm stressed though.
I can't scream too loudly because I live surrounded by a lot of people, but it's a relief anyway.

When I'm very happy I also feel like running and jumping. :redface:

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