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Inconsolable crying when tired / waking up for hours at night

She is allergic to mangos and is extremely picky.
If she's allergic to mangoes, make sure and keep cashews out of her diet as well. Mango and cashew are in the Poison Oak family. She shouldn't even touch mango peels, as they have a similar sap on them to poison oak, although at a low enough concentration, that most people aren't affected.

Also gingko trees might produce allergic symptoms like swolen eyelids and hayfever. The supplement Gingko Biloba should be avoided.

It also would be a good idea to keep her on a low-latex diet. Natural latex is in a lot of foods. Think stretchy, waxy peels.

Latex is a natural gum rubber that can cause allergic reactions similar to poison oak in sensitive individuals.
It took 5 rounds of antibodics to solve the ear infection. We went to multiple hospitals. She is with me 24/7. She was going to school in the summer but I had to take her out due to the ear infections. there is no one new and no life changes besides starting ABA.
Aba has been known to traumatize children on the spectrum. Toddlers have an even harder time with it as they internalize what is happening and do not feel understood or safe.
My child is 4 years old, autistic, nonverbal, and has no ways of communication. She has inconsolably crying when sleepy and waking up every hour or so throughout the night crying. It has been getting worse so we are considering starting clonidine again.

Her reaction to it last time was crying when sleepy and waking up frequently, but she was also battling a bad ear infection too.

Her ear infection has cleared up, but now we think she has night terrors because she seems scared to go to sleep, the crying is getting worse, and she forces herself to stay awake too.

Has anyone tried clonidine with success? Maybe has anyone dealt with a fear of going to sleep? We are nervous to try it again, but she is barely sleeping.

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