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I'm new- do I have Aspergers?

Do I have aspergers?

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- I’m extremely shy and socially awkward, I don’t get social cues that everyone else just ‘gets’, like sarcasm and figurative phrases.
- At least 3 times a day (I’m not exaggerating) people tell me “I was being sarcastic”. It drives me crazy that I can never seem to get it.
- I am brutally honest, and often taken advantage of.
- I tend to imitate my peers in what they do in order to try to ‘fit in’.
- I also hate starting conversations. Even if someone starts the conversation with “hi”, I can’t usually keep it going from there UNLESS they are interested in Young Sheldon.
- It is my absolutely favourite thing, and I am deeply obsessed. I can recite lines and phrases from each of the episodes, and for my favourite ones the whole script. I’m not sure if it is normal or not, but I like Sheldon because he is somewhat similar to me, with high intelligence and poor social skills.
- I am the outsider of my friendship group and I rarely talk.
- My favourite subject is science, and my favourite branch of science is biology.
- I am also EXTREMELY sensitive to most things, bright lights, loud noises, certain smells and textures, but my least favourite is lumps in socks. I CANNOT stand lumps in socks at all. I always have to re-adjust and take off, even with the supposedly seamless socks that my mum bought.
- I am also considered as “shy” and “reserved” by a lot of people, and am extremely gifted, and often space out and get lost in my own thoughts. I am also an extremely deep thinker.
- I was grade-skipped, only one grade because my country doesn’t allow any more than that, although I would have been skipped 3-4 if allowed. Started reading extremely young, and reading thick novels in prep. ( The magic faraway tree ).
- I also need to constantly tap my fingers or some other form of sensory stimulation. Flapping is only reserved for when I am alone, as I have learnt that it is not acceptable in public.
- I hate eye contact as it feels like my eyes are burning, and even if I do manage to put aside my pain, I have no clue whatsoever on how long to hold for, what facial expressions to use.
- However, it is assumed that people with Aspergers do not have empathy. Strangely enough, I feel things deeply for other people however I may not express it often unless the person has extreme significance to me.
Also, I am a 12 year old girl, if that makes any difference.
Please reply with your thoughts on this matter.
Welcome to the Forums! I hope you make new friends and enjoy your stay in the process! :)

We can't say for sure as we're not Medical Professionals, just everyday people who're on the spectrum. You'd have to go see such a Professional who deals with Autism to get an official diagnosis.

There are online tests such as the ones found on this site: Aspie Tests that you can do, however, they're no substitute for a Medical Professional nor Official Diagnosis.
I really think it sounds like you do. Although I myself am not diagnosed, I believe I am, but I couldn't get my psychiatrist on board because she thinks I'm "too warm", another health/social support service provider said that I'm "too empathetic". I think they are wrong, but because of my age (mid 40's) And gender (female) I have learnt to mask quite well, at times.
If you identify yourself as someone who relates to many symptoms and pre-existing conditions as other Aspie females, it's likely that you are one of us.
Even if you don't get external confirmation (yet), you can keep researching and managing your social challenges and following the clues to come to your own conclusions. At the end of the day, we know ourselves better than anyone else, so keep observing your self and doing your own research and working on expressing your own truths and experiences and you will get answers and convictions as you do.
Welcome to the forums! Nobody here can diagnose you, that is best left up to professionals. Good luck.
Warm welkome to the forums :)

From what you describe i will admit that you defenetly MAY have SOMECIND of or even MULTIPLE Neoro Psychological (this kind of diagnosis ) diagnosis. BUT only a professional evaluation can determ if & what cind of diagnose you MAY have.

So what i would suggest is you try to talk to youre parents about getting to see a professional . or you can also go see youre school counselor so they they can intern contact youre parents.

ASD (Asbergers is part of this spectrum as well) as well as any Neoro Psychological diagnosis are highly individual & noone is the exact same + as Nauti says there is also a difference in how this shows it self between males and us females.
However, it is assumed that people with Aspergers do not have empathy. Strangely enough, I feel things deeply for other people however I may not express it often unless the person has extreme significance to me.

I'm pretty sure that what's meant by a lack of empathy is an inability to understand things from the point of view of the other person, not an inability to feel sympathy or understand how you'd feel in that situation.
Find this link reg the Asbergers lack of empathy https://www.aane.org/emotions-and-empathy/

( People with Asperger profiles absolutely do have feelings, although they may have difficulty identifying and discussing them. In fact, many feelings – such as fear, anger and joy – seem to be experienced more intensely by those with Asperger profiles than by average people. In addition, some individuals with Asperger profiles report that they deeply internalize others’ feelings, so that if someone else is upset, they themselves will quickly become upset as well. This appears to happen more in those with Asperger profiles than with the general population. People with Asperger profiles may not show their feelings in the same way, or to the same extent, as those without. They may manifest feelings less outwardly, or their facial expression might not match what the individual is feeling inside.

People with Asperger profiles do have empathy, despite an unfortunate stigma that suggests otherwise. In fact, in a recent study published in Nature’s Scientific Reports, social neuroscience researcher Dr. Indrajeet Patil said, “We found that autistic individuals did not in any way differ from healthy controls in terms of their moral decision. Indeed, they made moral decisions which indicated that they were on average more averse to causing harm to others, even if this produced better outcomes.” Those with Asperger profiles might not be recognized for their empathetic qualities, due to variation in the ways empathy is felt and expressed. Some people feel deep empathy, but do not outwardly communicate these sentiments through facial expressions or language. Some people come to empathy through intellectual processes, using logic and reasoning to arrive at the feelings. It is also important to keep in mind that many people with Asperger profiles have been bullied or excluded by peers in the past and might therefore be guarded around people, which could appear as lack of empathy. People with Asperger profiles can be and are extremely caring individuals; in fact, it is particularly common for those with the profile to feel and exhibit deep concern for human welfare, animal rights, environmental protection, and other global and humanitarian causes.)
Hi LiquidPvnk :)

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