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How would you prepare for moving from state to state alone? (US)


Mr. I Don't Know
V.I.P Member
I don't plan on moving anytime soon. I plan to move when I finish my education in college. I am currently 19. I live in Alabama as of 2017.

I lived in Alabama my whole life, and it has not been good to me. My family is 'different' when it comes to how life is like here in the south. We don't go to church, we are not religious, and we are VERY liberal when it comes to politics.

I don't want to move because rarely anyone agrees or is like me. I want to move because I want to go somewhere different other than the south.

I have been keeping my eyes on some states in New England such as Massachusetts.

I know the type of place I would like to live in. The problem is, how to pick the right area and good priced home. Is there any tips on moving to a different state alone.

I am well aware of what might happen if I do. I am not moving anytime soon, I want to finish college and start a job/career to save money incase I do.

Also, I know things will change as time goes on, so it is highly likely that I will never move out of Alabama.
If you like wide open spaces, there is nothing like the western US.
Lists are a great idea for anyone who wants to move. I moved a lot in the military and there is a lot to remember. I would suggest writing down all of the things necessary in moving to make sure you take care of them, It can be easy to forget to change your address with your bank, for example. So make a list of everything (EVERYTHING) that needs to be done, then make a plan for how to accomplish that.
Perhaps it's best to be fully aware of the cost of living when it comes to drastic relocation from one part of the US to another.

You might be shocked at the difference in both the overall cost of living and sales/income taxes.
I don't go to church, I'm not religious, I am not "right-wing", I don't hide it, and my fellow Alabamians have not mistreated me because of it. You might want to identify what kind of people you're frequently in contact with so you can make sure not to end up with the same bunch when you move or you'll be right back to square one. Rude, holier-than-thou snobby people are everywhere.
I recommend you try to visit a place you want to move before you go. That way you can get a feel for neighbourhoods and get a better idea of housing options and stuff like that -- I've even known people who plan a trip where they actually look at property to rent or buy before they move to a new place far away.

I also recommend you have a healthy amount of money saved up for unforeseen difficulties with housing or employment. At least enough to live on for a few months -- ideally longer than that.
Thanks for all the help. Like I said, things will change in the future and I may even not move at all. This was helpful with all the tips. Thanks again

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