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  1. Iberata

    An artist wanting to relocate

    I am constantly thinking of leaving the city for the countryside, as there is an opportunity for me to create my own artisan studio, furniture restoration and giving technique lessons to my areas of expertise. I haven't noticed something like it where I intend to have it, and maybe people would...
  2. Y

    Please help me deal with my anxieties about moving and graduating from college

    I just graduated college today and am preparing to go on a road trip from Connecticut to my new home in Florida. There are so many anxieties and fears I have about this that I don't know what to do about them. I'm scared of going to a new place. All but one of my friends are back in Connecticut...
  3. Y

    I'm going to be moving soon and there are a lot of things bothering me about it

    In the upcoming days, I’m going to be moving out of a rental house in Rhode Island and moving down to Florida to live with my parents. There’s a lot about this that I’m nervous about. The biggest one is that I hate the idea of having to live with my parents again, for many reasons. The first...
  4. G

    Moving to a different country

    Okay I’m finally going to discuss this thing I’ve been meaning to discuss on here, it’s about moving to a different country. Awhile ago, I talked to my dad about wanting to be a homesteader, and he mentioned that my family, still owns farmland down in Chile. At first both me and my dad felt that...
  5. N

    Asperger and long distance communication

    A hello to everyone and I hope you are all well due to current situations. I had a thought basically awhile ago but it came into my mind again today . Since I am currently in a long distance relationship right now for a while longer and since we can’t see each other so much. I relay mostly...
  6. BlueSky Aozora

    If you are an Aspie in a Foreign Land. How do you cope??

    Hello, been wanting to ask this question for so long. If, you move to a foreign country, in which its level is 'poorer' than your own home country: with foreign languages that you don't know (everyday hearing your juniors in the office speaking loudly in the foreign language for hours...
  7. zeroninja

    Advice on Moving

    Hey, so I am seriously considering a big life change - in the form of a move to California. And was wondering what advice anyone might have on this? A brief backstory: Born back east but moved to Montana when I was just a teen, it's been quite literally batshit insane here the whole time, so...
  8. WereBear

    We are moving. Kinda.

    My partner has a chronic illness, we don't have much money, and what money we do have we are trying to start a business with. Our third floor apartment always has been too small and inaccessible for what is now two people with challenging conditions. All of these conflicting processes had...
  9. ryan1205

    How would you prepare for moving from state to state alone? (US)

    I don't plan on moving anytime soon. I plan to move when I finish my education in college. I am currently 19. I live in Alabama as of 2017. I lived in Alabama my whole life, and it has not been good to me. My family is 'different' when it comes to how life is like here in the south. We don't go...
  10. stigmatic

    Should I move?

    Hi guys the story is that me and my girlfriend have been trying to move into an apartment for awhile now and the only thing stopping us is finding a job. I've been successful in getting interviews, but no job yet. I talked to the landlord (He actually got me one interview) and said how he's...
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