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How do you use a Google Chromecast with a VPN?

Lemon Zing

Right now, I'm having to use Opera's VPN. Chromecast has to be on the same Wi-Fi network for it to cast the phone's screen to my TV.
The only thing I can suggest is that you share your devices network with the Chromecast. That may get around the issue. It kinda depends on how your VPN works too I think as I use SurfShark and casting seems to work fine. Operas VPN is integrated into the browser though as far as I know so this may be the main issue. Maybe there's some bypass rules you can create in the Opera settings but it may compromise the integrity of the VPN.
I found out you need to put a VPN on a router, as it doesn't work if you alter the IP address on the phone itself. Sounds too technical for me, though.
Maybe if you are just wanting to cast you could use a device just for casting? Like maybe you have an old retired tablet that could be used for casting duties? Of course if you are trying to get around geo blocking restrictions in say something like Netflix then that wouldn't work for your needs.

The only other suggestion I can think of is to go down a slightly lower tech route and connect your device directly to your TV with a HDMI cable if your device supports such a thing. Some USB C devices support this and older devices may have a micro or mini HDMI socket.
I think it's the closest you can get to turning your phone into a PC. Some old phones had MHL, but you should find out if it's HDMI enabled so you can use a docking device besides just using the one cable. This basically means you can use multiple devices at once, like a mouse, keyboard, and a SD card. Some also have a port for an ethernet cable.

Yeah. I know Samsung models come with DeX and screen mirroring.

This is why I love iPhones. They have AirPlay, so you can essentially turn a phone into a de facto computer. :)

I do like set top boxes, but certain apps don't run, and there's a pop up keyboard that takes up most of the screen. But there's a turnaround for that. "External Keyboard Helper." It also makes the enter button not show up as a lowercase F. :D
I do not understand VPNs. Could one use a VPN even with a cell phone connection?
I do not understand VPNs. Could one use a VPN even with a cell phone connection?
Yes definitely! You install the app on your phone and if you use your cell data to say share with devices in your home they will all basically get the benefits of the VPN that way. You can get some good deals. I use surfshark, no real reason why I picked it other than you can use it on as many devices as you wish.

It's good to have if you use things like WiFi in coffee shops or public places. Even if someone sets up a duplicate to fool you into thinking you are using a safe network, all your data will be encrypted so they can't do anything with it.

But should you use one? Well I didn't think I needed to until I found my ISP were throttling data for streaming etc and it got so bad that we couldn't watch any streaming services without it being poor quality and buffering all the time.

I checked my connection speed and when streaming it went down to sub dial up speeds. With a VPN the speeds went up to 40 Mbps which where I live (some god awful pit of a town in the UK) is actually pretty good! :)
Yeah. If you have a good connection, it's a doddle. Unfortunately, I have broadband through a company called TalkTalk and their speed is a pathetic 1 MBPS. But I pay less for mobile data with a company I won't name here due to that Australian guy being a creep. But it's significantly cheaper, and I can get up to 12 MBPS if I have my phone in the best spot. Plus, there's no data caps unless you buy add ons that are not unlimited.

I wish all phones had HDMI output, but there's only a select amount that do. It doesn't always tell you in the booklet that comes with the box.

MHL was basically the same thing, but a bit older.

The PS4 has a terrible web browser. It's too slow. :D
you download vpn software, for android. and install it as normal, AFAIK. failing that, if you want to unblock sites or certain things, use cloudfare as your DNS server. works on all devices. no installation needed. the addresses are

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