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Hi all, anyone have characters they've created.


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Wolf angel. Angelic order of defenders of Heaven. Lives in a village 176 occupants of females and puppies. Has a King and Queen as leaders lives on floating island with grasslands, forests, a creek, and one mountain.


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She had three toddler dolls that were 36 inches tall.
She wore a very fuzzy sweater and a necklace with a large medallion.
She was older than me.

I thought of her when I was 12.


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Alice and Anna - two sisters who were sold as slaves. Anna is a little slow and sickly and also has prophetic abilities. Alice takes care of her and is the more street smart type.

Later on, Anna dies and Alice sort of lets her. She constanly feels guilty bc of this.


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This is one I am still working on for a Stargate:SG1 role-playing game set in the year 2002 (Season 6).

Name: Kim Ji-Eun ("June" or "Lieutenant Kim")
Sex: Cis-Female
Gender: Atropic
Pronouns: Her/She
Birthdate: Monday, 1981-01-05 (Rooster/Sagittarius/Perihelion)
Blood Type: AB+ (Universal Receiver)

Level: 1st
Race: Human (Tau'ri)
Origins: Urban (Biome), Underworld (Background)
Class: Soldier
Hit Die: d10
Hit Pts: 10 + 10 + 2 = 22
Msn Pts: 0

Proficiency Bonus: +2
Determination Pts: +3 (2 + 1 = 3)
Initiative Mod.: +2 (DEX)
Moxie Modifier: +0 (INT or CHA)


STR: 14 (+2)
DEX: 14 (+2)
CON: 14 (+2)
INT: 11 (+0)
WIS: 11* (+0)*
CHA: 11* (+0)*


Name: Kim Ji-Eun ("June" to her friends or "Lieutenant Kim" to her subordinates.)

• Appearance: Character presents as a human female of Chinese-Korean ancestry in her mid-20s, 1.60m tall, 57kg, black hair, brown eyes, lightly-tanned complexion. Low BMI (Slim, yet shapely).

• Behavior: Ji-Eun ("June") is generally kind and helpful, exhibiting proper military respect and bearing ... until her anger is provoked; then she becomes a formidable melee combatant. Otherwise, she seems unimpressed with "macho posturing" or other overt courtship behavior.

• History: U.S. citizen by birth (Los Angeles, CA). Parents never married, and live separate lives. Mother is an actress and model. Father is a businessman with many underworld connections. Ji-Eun was raised by a series of her father's housekeepers. She enlisted in the Air Force to get away from her father's 'business', agreeing to six years of service in exchange for accelerated promotion (MOS: Special Reconnaissance). Her grit and determination impressed her superiors, who endorsed her appointment to Officer's Candidate School. She entered active duty as a 1st Lieutenant (O2), skipping the O1 rank. She was able to intervene in a civilian hostage situation by infiltrating the scene, safely and quietly evacuating the hostages, and "getting the drop" on the perpetrators. Two of the hostages just happened to be SGC officers, who recommended her assignment to the Phoenix project.
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This one is for a Traveller RPG set about 3600 years in the future.

Barbarian Chief Shaven Yak A89887 38y 6 Terms Cr15000
Bow Combat-3, Carousing-2, Dagger-2, Recon-2, Survival-2, Sword-2, Brawling-1, Leader-1, Medical-1, Instruction-0, Interrogation-0.
Dagger, Longbow/Quiver/Arrows (10x), Sword, High Passage (2x)


Received name from initiation task, which was shaving a live, adult, male yak. He was successful, although both he and the yak were worse for wear and none too pleased.

He was an effective chief, and has relinquished his duties to a younger village member. Shaven is now on a "Walkabout", with the intent to visit at least one other world and return to share his experiences with his people.

Barbarian: A rugged individual from a primitive planet accustomed to hardship and well-trained in wilderness and survival situations. Only barbarians have any skill whatsoever in bow weapons; all other characters are treated as being totally unskilled. Barbarians do not have a natural expertise in guns; they are treated as totally unskilled in guns (e.g., DM -5 when attacking). Barbarian characters begin their careers at age 14. Barbarians cannot retire.


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I cannot find an online definition for "atropic."

"-tropic" means "attracted to"

"A-" means "Non" or "Nothing"
"Ambi-" means "both"
"Andro-" means "man"
"Gyno-" means "woman"


"Atropic" means "No Attraction" (similar to "asexual" or "no sexual interest")
"Ambi-" means "Attracted to men and women" (similar to "bisexual")
"Andro-" means "Attracted to men".
"Gyno-" means "Attracted to women".

Using these terms eliminates SOME of the confusion caused by more common labels.

I am a gynotropic cis-male.
Dominique is a gynotropic cis-female
Alpha-23 is an atropic trans-cyborg


Returning to topic.


Only Rumored To Exist
Correction to above:

Ambitropic" means "Attracted to men and women" (similar to "bisexual")
"Androtropic" means "Attracted to men".
"Gynotropic" means "Attracted to women".

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