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Has my “time” come so to say?

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Markness can shift his mindset and go forward with his goals. He is capable of doing that. It requires him to actually try and get out of a pit he is more than able to step out of.
Q: How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb?
A: :cool:
I get the impression that he doesn’t want me to have a girlfriend and he’s even posted that he’s surprised that I have so much stress over the thought.
An odd thing to say...
What would I get out of you not finding a GF? 🤔
Nope, "I got nothing..." :cool:
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From what I witnessed on Wrong Planet (and just lurking old posts that were not deleted), there was general support for Markness getting a girlfriend.

However, I think there was a lot of frustration between Markness and a few members, as he often made multiple posts about not having a girlfriend. Some members would heated at Markness for the same behavior he does here: repeat the same topics, post about not having a girlfriend, "I am turning 3[01234568] years old and I...." ignore advice, make excuses, needing validation to prove the "detractors" wrong. You can find a thread here and see it posted on WP verbatim.

Rarely did I ever see him talk about something else. It was always "I wish I had a girlfriend. My life sucks. Detractors are after me. Living in Central Texas sucks. I need to move. I missed out on milestones. We live in a society, etc." Mods (or the only active mod) would sometimes lock his posts if they happened to be similar. Eventually, he started to post about wanting to leave Wrong Planet, people would ask him to stay, and there was this whole thing about him wanting to go/deciding to stay for a month. There is only so much advice you can give someone, and over time patience for Markness diminished.

After being banned from WP in 2021, he still lurks on there. (how I know: I mentioned wondering where Markness was in a post earlier this year and another member contacted me saying Markness saw my post and asked that member to give me his contact information.) If I recall, he once mentioned in a thread before being banned that he couldn't stop viewing WP despite it fueling negative emotions. I can assume that this is why he continues to lurk. That, and I think he wants to see what the "detractors" are up to - maybe even see if they mention him? - which is unhealthy and obsessive behavior.

I agree with you that Markness wallows in misery and expects instant change. It's almost a routine for Markness as well to make a post like this, get advice/comments, ignore them, bump the thread with another post, and the cycle continues with a whole other post.

I won't discredit the changes he has attempted to do, but more often I've seen him post about how it always goes wrong or it doesn't work out. It's my mother, anxiety, I have no money....at some point, you cannot continue to blame those factors forever. Especially if it has been years and you say the same thing with little to no change. It is never him, it is someone or something else. It is Central Texas. If he is merely venting, then there is nothing wrong with it. However, many of his posts are framed to be asking for help. He expects the perfect answer to his questions that will solve everything instantly. That is never going to happen.

Markness can shift his mindset and go forward with his goals. He is capable of doing that. It requires him to actually try and get out of a pit he is more than able to step out of.
Ah-HAH! So it WAS "Wrong Planet"! After an hour or so of fact-checking, I found nothing to disprove your claims.
I’ll break it down in the most clear terms possible. You want to be unhappy because being unhappy protects your ego and identity.

Break the narrative you’re telling yourself to protect yourself. You are far from the only autistic on this forum. Other males more autistic than you have succeeded. It is a good thing. Because this means you get hope to escape the misery you are in.
I didn’t like it when people made fun of me for things beyond my control and punched me in the face just because they could get away with it. Are you saying it was fine for these people to do that?

Where did I indicate I thought I was the only autistic person on this forum? I never did.
You are right.
I had it on the other site. Someone said they deliberately antagonised me because they enjoyed seeing my histrionic reaction and it made them laugh. That is an example of manipulative bullying, yet I was the one accused of manipulative bullying for just making mistakes. She never was called a bully even though she actually demonstrated the behaviour, on purpose. And yes, I did report it to the mods but they just came up with excuses and never removed the offending post (yes, it was offending because it was deliberate bullying directed at me, not just someone matter-of-factly making a general statement about something that is not about me).
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