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First World problems

One time I was panicking about becoming homeless one day and someone gave me a lecture implying that homelessness ain't all that bad. Maybe to some people, but I really thrive on security and it's very important to me. I wouldn't be able to survive being homeless. I'm scared of the streets as it is. As much as I dislike living in a dilapidated apartment below a noisy family that does my head in day and night, I still appreciate the fact that I do have a roof over my head with the man I love. And I appreciate him every day.
In fact, no matter how much I stress about having no money, if a rich man asked me to come with him and I'd never have to work again, I'd still refuse because I love my husband so much no matter how poor he is.

Well, this wasn't really an opinion. It's not what they say but the way they say it. This person sounded like he was telling me that being homeless is no big deal and expecting me to believe it. I will always be petrified of even the word "homeless", no matter how people try to make it sound less terrifying than what it is. What I'd appreciate more is supportive advice on how to not become homeless, as in resources of financial support entitlement, and reassurance that if I make sure I don't do X, Y or Z then I won't become homeless. Not unsolicited lectures.

Meant to comment this sooner but I've been busy.

That's seriously messed up imo that someone would say that/believe that and try and tell you that. They clearly don't know what they're talking about and don't have much experience with homelessness because it isn't "no big deal" and "not that bad".

Granted the only personal experience I've had with homelessness is when my father had me sleep in my car as a punishment, and then when I totalled said car it became the gazebo. Yeah I know that's a messed up punishment and he definitely shouldn't have done that, his excuse for going that far was "nothing else seems to be getting through to you! So maybe a punishment that'll give you a taste of what your life could be like if you keep up this "lazy behavior" will get through to you "
But yeah that was understandably not fun and I got poor sleep whenever he gave me that punishment.

I also recently had an encounter with a homeless person, who I temporarily sheltered until we could find them a homeless shelter to go to instead. They seemed to have learned the ins and outs of the homeless life but from what I heard from them during my time with them, it's definitely not an easy life to live understandably. Apparently some homeless people are vicious and violent, because the shelter they were at before briefly staying with me had regular stabbings which umm yikes, and I was also told by then In one of the last interactions I had with them that the homeless encampment they were at was forced to disband and move and they had to leave a lot behind in the process because another group of homeless people were getting violent and threatening them, and apparently at least one of them somehow had a gun so umm yeah.

Furthermore homeless people are also stigmatized and looked down on by society, at least the non empathetic part of society. They get labeled as drug addicts and alcoholics, people (including my father sadly) say that they most likely got themselves in that situation because they're criminals, or drug addicts, or alcoholics, which may be true in some cases but that doesn't mean they're undeserving of help, support, or sympathy. Heck they could've turned to those things out if desperation, because they needed help for one reason or another and didn't get it so they turned to those things.
Then there's the fact that there's a lot of cities that utilize anti homeless architecture by designing benches, curbs and other common sleeping places so that they can't be used to sleep at. Police breaking up homeless encampments, maybe even arresting them.
Heck there's even cruel heartless people who target homeless people by intentionally destroying their makeshift homes when they see them.
I also heard of a city out west (USA) that forced a bunch of homeless people out into the nearby dessert because they didn't want them in their city anymore.

So while yes there's shelters and other outreach programs for the homeless, they still have a rough time of it so no it is not "no big deal to be homeless".

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