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Favourite Textures/Stims


New Member
What are you guys' favourite textures and stims? Recently I've really enjoyed touching my fake leather jacket, because it's one of the few textures that feel good regardless of how my hands feel (a lot of textures bother me much more than usual if my hands feel too dry). One of my favourite stims right now is pushing down on the buttons and joysticks on my Nintendo Switch, because of the satisfying click noise/feel. It's like a big fidget cube, in a way.
My hair. I love the feel of my hair. Also some kinds of soft plastics feel good.
brushed cotton ,silk polar fleece ,moleskin , my cheek ,the skin between my toes ,picking is my favourite stim.
For me my favourite texture is the fur behind my dogs ears. Its the softest, smooothest fur ever.
My favourite stim would be chiseling stone. I love the sound of my hammer when it hits the chisel and the little cloud of dust and chippings that appear with each strike. And the occasional spark.
For me my favourite texture is the fur behind my dogs ears.

I was also gonna say that. And my dog's belly. It's so so soft, plus my dog makes the cosiest sounds when she enjoys being pet.

But I love anything that's really smooth and soft (not in a way that my skin sticks to it when it's dry), like my boyfriend's hands, the metal of my laptop, or really worn off metal handles. I also like the fabric of my couch, it's a bit rough so it makes my hands feel really soft and warm if I rub it a lot.

Unfortunately I peel a lot on my fingers. I'm trying to stop cause it's kinda gross and painful, but I don't know how to. I also fumble a lot with my hands and feet, or pace.
Not too much of a textures guy. I love to pet Mia (my dog) she has this super short hair and its slick going one way and course going the other. I love good smells maybe as much as texture. Textures are tricky with me. I will touch (sometimes), but I don't like to be touched. I don't even like the feel of my clothes at times.
I just like loose clothes that are soft, (double downy, double bounce sheets).

Stems... These days, just to get away and fly my drone, or work in the garden to prepare it for spring.
Big stem... Music basically 24/7, I most often sleep with headphones or ear buds on.

In the house... I tap things or play back music I have been listening too, and accidentally annoy the crap out of people, and I never notice it until someone is telling me to "stop it!" : (
I love soft and fuzzy textures, especially those of stuffed animals. I always carry a small favorite one with me wherever I go...I'm never without one, since it's one of the only things that helps me stay focused, calm and sensory-regulated. My small plush Tsum Tsum of Dory from Finding Nemo has been my main comfort item for nearly two years now. :)

I also love the light, fuzzy flocked textures of toys such as Calico Critters. When I was younger, I would look for a type of classic My Little Pony toy called "So Softs"-ponies that had a layer of flocked material on them-whenever I went to flea markets or thrift stores. I loved the ones I had and would sometimes carry one of them with me, but the trouble was, they would often "shed," - that is, leave their little fuzzies everywhere. :laughing: I have a small group of Calico Critters toys now (mostly the little baby ones, since entire families are pretty expensive), and so far, they don't "shed" the way So Soft My Little Ponies sometimes do, even after I've stimmed with them for several years.

I also love my textured Tangle Jr toy - I found it at Target a couple of months ago, and bought it because it reminded me of a Tangle toy I used to have. The textures were different, but the color scheme was the same. It's my favorite Tangle now...I hadn't realized how much I missed having a textured Tangle, and the touch receptors (I think that's what they're called) on my fingers love the bumpy, spiral-y and scaly textures on the one I currently have. :grinning:

Smooth and cool textures are really nice too, I think - I also have a jasper "worry stone" that I love...I found it at my dad and stepmom's house last month while visiting. I have vague memories of having bought it at a shop that sold different kinds of stones in Indiana a few years ago. It's so soothing to rub my right thumb against the stone's concave surface. It - along with Dory, my Tangle, and a small fuzzy flocked cat - also goes with me everywhere. :blush:
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That's an easy thing for me to answer. The feeling of soft, supple glove leather. :)

Even better when I encounter it on an entire sofa. :cool:
For stimming alone, I love the textures of Latex, smooth obsidian, that soft baby yarn they sell, sometimes uncooked rice, and twirling my hair. Anything soft or smooth is good, i think that's why i perfer flowing dressses to pants with a ton of seams, nothing too tight or fitted. Other than that, i have this soft rubber pencil topper that i got as a kid that i sometimes like to knaw on. I don't know why but it's so satisfying, it just is!
My favourite textures:
  • The sequins on those pillows that you can rub up and down to create different patterns/colours (see here)
  • Crunchy ice that could be used to make slushies or the like (like this)
  • Floral foam blocks that I used to obsessively mush and squish whenever my mom took me to Michael's or another arts and crafts store (so. much. squish. potential)
  • Silk, especially the silk tags that were on my childhood stuffed animals
As for my favourite stims, I've always been fond of tapping my individual fingers into my thumb in a rhythmic pattern, rocking back and forth, tapping my foot, and picking at the cuticles of my thumbs (which I've tried, and failed, to stop myself from doing).
My favourite textures is my teddy bear, my gloves (feels like a teddy bear inside), dipping my hand into small seeds of something (a bit like the feeling og touching uncooked rice, but even more intense), twirling my hair, I love wearing long skirts- it makes me feel safe in a way, I love pressure against my body (When my boyfriend hug me as hard as he can or when I sit in a strange positions to squeeze myself)

My stims: I like to tap my fingers in rhythmic patterns, rocking back and forth, or I make patterns with my finger on a table or something.... I think that yoga and piano can be categorized under my stims too.

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