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  1. callmeriver


    heyo this is my introduction: • my name is River • my favourite colours are pink, yellow, purple, black and red (i love pink and black the most) • i’m a wiccan • i am part of the LQBTQIA2S+ community (i am intersex, transgender and pansexual) • my pronouns are she/her • my interests...
  2. AngelaS267

    Are these Stims?

    Hey, so I'm new to learning about a lot of my behavior being on the spectrum. I have been going back over my behavior trying to decide if what I'm doing is stimming or not. I keep touching my face... A lot. And I realized that I've done that a lot through my life. I will run my fingers over my...
  3. china autie

    Stims and Social Acceptability

    Who gets to decide what stims are "socially acceptable" and which ones aren't? Does the answer change when we are talking about autistic kids stimming? Autistic adults?
  4. HelzBelz

    Aspergers AND Tourettes?!

    So my 10-year-old daughter has stimmed in varying ways for most of her life, and it's got worse over the last few years. Her stims are usually gross motor movements and for the past 8 months she has had a jump, where she jumps quickly enough for her feet to connect with her butt. This is worse...
  5. Squib

    Favourite Textures/Stims

    What are you guys' favourite textures and stims? Recently I've really enjoyed touching my fake leather jacket, because it's one of the few textures that feel good regardless of how my hands feel (a lot of textures bother me much more than usual if my hands feel too dry). One of my favourite...
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