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Facial Emotions


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Sorry with the double post today, but my curiosity got the better of me. I notice when I’m at work that people can tell how I’m feeling by just looking at my facial expressions. I was a little tired on Friday, and I had customers take notice of it. I wanted to ask if anybody else can tell how you’re feeling by looking at your face.
Not my face but my eyes

I have very expressive eyes and people often can tell how I'm feeling because of them

Although... When I'm mad people can tell with my face because I'm not one to act happy or content if I'm feeling something
I think I wore the mask too long, and my face does not often reflect how I am feeling. People never know. They are always wrong if they think they know. Somewhere in my life the connection between what’s happening on my face and what’s happening in my brain was destroyed.
People also never know how I am feeling. I certainly have learned to mask my emotions because expressing them wasn't always safe. Also, at this point, I really value my privacy and don't usually want other people to know what I'm thinking or feeling. I rarely want to share heartbreak with someone else, certainly not with acquaintances. I respect other people who feel differently, though. I'm just talking about the way I feel which, I admit, may not be very healthy.
This is good! Though in my own case, most people just perceive me to be upset about something, even if I were daydreaming. With my mother at the top of the list of persons always asking, "What's wrong?"
I'm someone who was always very good at reading people's facial expressions and body language, and I also have a face that's very easy to read, people generally know what I'm feeling unless I'm purposely wearing a different face.

Being able to read facial expressions and body language is a very valuable social tool and a very necessary tool if you want to be a good staff manager.
My face seems to make everything I think and feel rather obvious but the fact that people can tell those sorts of things is like a magic power to me.
It depends on how well they know me. I tend to have a rather unreadable neutral expression for the most part, but people who have gotten to know me often notice how I am feeling before I do myself. I don't think it's "only" my expression, but perhaps also my tone of voice or behaviour/body language.
Yes, people can read my facial expression, though they don't always get it right. Or they read an emotion I don't even know that I'm feeling.
Most of the time it is fairly neutral.
My eyes can be very expressive though when I want them to be.
Those who know me fairly well can usually read me also.
I have a relatively expressive face but it's usually easier for people to notice negative or rude expressions that I have, or when I'm trying not to laugh. My friends have all pretty consistently given the feedback that they can tell by my face if someone is annoying me, or if I think someone is being dishonest.
It also depends on who you ask. Some people say I'm "always smiling," and some people say I have RBF. Lol
The theory goes, once domesticated, dogs developed new facial muscles that wolves don't have to better communicate with humans.


I see no reason why Aspies can't do the same.

Oh boy, l have a very expressive face, and l have learned to mask a poker face. I can read some faces, other's, l rely on a gut feeling. I have learned to mask 90% of the time. I think number two chihuahua dog is me.

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