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A recent stranger portrait, during a downtown walk with a friend, it's not unusual to see western wear year round here...

Stranger Portrait 11.jpg
One last photo, a vintage Mack B-61 truck on the prairies, parked in what appears to be an abandoned/demolished industrial site... No, I'm not planning to buy it, for just one thing I don't have the space!

Mack Truck 01.jpg
Does anyone else here enjoy photography? I am by no means a professional, but it´s something I enjoy. Here are some photographs I´ve shared: https://pixabay.com/users/akiroq-2665063/
I´ve shared them for anyone to be able to enjoy and use, even for commercial use.

I´d love to see some of yours!
I am pretty terrible amd unwell atm but I do enjoy it at times.


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I will always say... That if you enjoy doing it, and it relaxes you, just keep doing it! Creativity is good for the soul, it doesn't matter how good or bad you are
I agree, and I'd like to also add that it doesn't matter how good a photographer you are, many of the best pictures happen just by luck. That little birdie I posted above is an example of this, I was already looking through my camera and he just dropped in to view in front of me.
One photo from my drive today... Things you might find in a small town, and the kind of scenes I love to photograph... I don't do nature photography much ;)...

Hanna 01.jpg
I will always say... That if you enjoy doing it, and it relaxes you, just keep doing it! Creativity is good for the soul, it doesn't matter how good or bad you are
Yes I agree, it is not about being the best!
I do it because I enjoy it and enjoy nature and I only only beginning and have my phone.
I am only beginning and if I do not turn out the best that is ok.
I do not need to be that, I just love taking photos of beautiful things.
Just working through some edits from the night market last weekend, I love the challenge of night photography (after dark) at the market... Because Calgary is so far north, our summer days are long and aren't very dark for the "night" market... But in September the days are short and I love it! I edited everything in B&W on purpose

Inglewood Night 03.jpg

Inglewood Night 10.jpg

Inglewood Night 05.jpg

Inglewood Night 09.jpg

Inglewood Night 08.jpg
I felt slightly experimental tonight, while at a singer-songwriter circle... Cell phone photo using night vision... Maybe I'm the only one who understands it?

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