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Employment Resources

Those guides are very useful and well-written. I've decided to sticky this thread.
I just found it! Yea! It's a bran new aspie be your own boss support group! If you want to be part of entrepreneurs or hopeful ones and are the the spectrum. Register here for free! And tell EVERYONE else who you think might be a strong member for it too!

Here it is.- SMF User Help
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Anyone care for an aspie/ASD authors support group? It's on Facebook! People who want to help us are allowed too! I just found it today.!
I had the best job in the world - a zookeeper, but was fired because I don't fit in with the team. I feel I was put on earth to look after animals but there is no other zoo in the area and even if I can get into another zoo who's saying the same thing wont happen again.

I have been told many times that I should try selling my painting but I don't think that would ever make much money if any. So I am just trying to work out what to do.
Hiya! I'm from the UK and am off work this week to look for another job. I currently work in payroll but I've always said I didn't want to work in an office and although my employer is the Health Service they've done nothing for me in the 2 years I've made them aware of my condition. Finding it very overwhelming as I haven't a clue where to start and if I don't find something I feel I'm letting myself and my partner down and cos I've told everyone at work I'm job hunting I'll feel a fool when I go back next week. My partner is very proactive and looks at my situation and can't understand why I'm not doing anything but as I said it's overwhelming, where to start and change!! Sorry if this is a bit of a waffle but needed to get it off my chest [emoji29][emoji29]
Sal, I live in the US and I don't know the specifics of your situation. So, it would be impossible for anyone to specifically guide you without more key info. Do you have any idea what you'd rather do? Is there a need for that in your area, or online? Do you or have you ever received government assistance of any kind? Do you have an official diagnose? Are you finally independent now? Or have you ever been? How we'll do you accept your issues? Are you only an aspie? Do you have a degree or certificate in anything? How bad of a fit is your current job/ career for you? How old are you, if you don't mind me asking? What do you do now? Are you a book keeper? I'm not sure if this would help you, but it likely might. Once on that page, select

Disabled people - GOV.UK

Work and disabled people/ benefits and financial help if you make too little to be completely financially independent. Or your current job situation is awful and you have too leave it.

When you said your job's company doesn't help u financially. Does that mean that your not on there health plan? Or if you are you have to pay for it all via your pay check?
If your not diagnosed they should be able to help you get diagnosed for free. If you meet enough of the criteria. And have various offices throughout your country. If you contact them emphasize your disability struggles NOT your ability. But, if you need them to help you look, and get suitable work. Don't seam too totally incompetent either. If you prefer, you can e-mail me hear with more details. And I'll do my best to help you. I'm far from an expert on UK government services. But, I have connections who know more about the services there. And I'm VERY knowledgeable about HF disabilities,
( especially ones I have like Asperger's), and help numerous folks/ their supporters where HF ASD is in the picture.

Let me know, and good luck, either way.
Hi Sam! Thanks for your advice. I've got myself in a right tiz after my first day job hunting. I hate being off work as it is. Been a long day so I'll catch you tomorrow if that's ok. Thanks again tho [emoji6]
Hi Sal! Hope everything's going to be okay from the other day when you had the Tiz. I totally get the headache of the unpredictability of everything, the never ending adaptability and change needs, and also, being away from your more predictable previous (kinda) dedication. Sometimes, (I don't know if now's included or not, but, it could be,) it's hard to tell for sure, knowing so little of your specifics. Aspies can say things to understand stuff, too find away to fit in or find something to talk about, or perhaps you were really curious (Or somewhat) on what it be like somewhere else? Or you need a challenge? In most of those cases you really don't mean you want to find another job. But, because of your issue you show a convincing, and very possibly serious argument (s) on why you should. Could you see that? Is maybe that what happened? Are you really READY to change jobs? And is it a realistic option for you? Could any of this be relevant to you?

I could help more. Like I said, at best, some of the above are educated guesses based off little info, from you, my experiences ( not just my own but, but, with knowing many other Aspies). I really need more specific background To be more helpful.
Hiya. A lot of what you have said makes sense. There's a lot of changes at work at the moment which doesn't help and I feel that I will never get the support I need in regards to my Asperger's and ADHD. My employers have known for 2 years and nothing has been done. I've never confidence in myself regarding my job and again this could be in relation of my disabilities. I just can't see myself in the same job for the next 20+ years. Growing up I never wanted to work in an office and et voila here I am working in an office.
I took time out yesterday and cleaned the house and started afresh this am. I'm trying to be positive - Rome wasn't built in a day eh? but still feeling panicky about it all...what if I am still in the same situation in 20 years time. One of the jobs that I find appealing is working with animals just don't pay the salary we need, I thought I would like working on trains as a conductor but then I worry that I won't be able to cope with the noise level or get easily distracted. Headache indeed!!
SAL26 - Being a conductor likely wouldn't be a good fit. I take public transportation in and out of NYC frequently. Mostly via trains, so I should know.! Working with animals could be a great fit! Especially if you do it, combined with government financial/ health benefits! You should get someone to help you look for work and help you discover what's both available around you, and realistic to your specifics. Someone who's helped people with ASD get work before. To do that, like I said. Go to the link I sent you to in a previous post above, and sign up with the right agency there.

If I had to guess, from the sounds of it. It seams like you at least need a few things. Obviously, 1 likely Is a better job/ career. But, very possibly, some more confidence and great awareness , and Self-Advocacy for your specific condition(s). And your environments. Yes?

Have you ever asked/ told your employer how they could help you? Do you have a cubicle or your own office for example? You can't just disclose. You have to know what your needs are, and what accommodations if any, you would need/ might need. You need ALOT of self-awareness, great communication, and stamina. These things are VERY KEY.

I would help more right now. But, sorry. I'm exhausted.
Hey AspieSam! Just thought I'd let you know that I have referred myself to occupational health at work and had a successful meeting with a nurse there who is going to write a report so that I finally get some support from my manager!!!! Alleluia!!! [emoji2][emoji2] Took a lot of what you said on board so thank you!! [emoji2]
Hey SAL26, way to go! Thanks, for the update! Sorry, it took a bit too reply. How's work going now? How'd your manager receive the report? Is the report suggesting or requiring accommodation with some reason on why?

So does this mean your not looking for another job now? Again, if you feel more comfortable private messaging me on here about all this, bye all means, feel free! Some of this, shouldn't be public member knowledge, right?

Either way, great job taking the initiative, hopefully admitting some of your challenges, and getting some direction on how to proceed. With a community that is already to some degree already, really already, use to you, and your good or great work.

So how is work going now?
Hi AspieSam!! Sorry for the late response! I'm playing cat and mouse at the minute with occupational health. I've amended the draft report that they did for me and emailed it to them. They reckoned they hadn't got it so it's been a right palaver!! Still waiting to hear back from them. Think I will move on though. I attended my first ADHD meeting this week and they were saying that I've got a case with how I've been treated and that I should join the Union!
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