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Education & Learning Support


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Re: Have you received Learning Support?

I haven't received any official learning support. I usually do very well in college, and most of the time I'm part of the top 99 percentile. However, the one aspect that I fail at is presentations. It's nearly impossible for me, and I usually speak to my professors about avoiding them. Usually they will have me give a presentation in their office or do a project.


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Re: Have you received Learning Support?

I'm undiagnosed, so I never got any help that was directly related to a diagnosis, but I did get help in elementary. I had to go into a special reading comprehension course, because I had such issues comprehending what I read, and being able to explain what I read afterwards. This course helped me tremendously, and I aced every english/lit course afterwards. So, it was success.

Although, I still have issues with one part of it...when a professor asks for an interpretation of a character or a character's actions...I fumble a lot. I'm determined to get better at this, especially since I just changed my college major from Biology to English.

I just wish I would have had more help like the reading comprehension course throughout grade school. I could have been a straight A student!

I am starting back college in January after sitting out for three semesters (I got overwhelmed and failed three classes)...and I plan on going to the student success center to see about tutoring or extra help in my lacking areas. I shouldn't need a diagnosis for that, but if I do...I might go ahead and get one.
I didnt recieve much help in grade school as far as reading was concerned,but a teacher in fourth,or fifth grade,had noticed that I refused to read ''Dick and Jane'' and had started me on more interesting material. Now in college,I do great in language arts Science, and the like,but am struggling as always with math,and am due to enter a prorgamme to help in this.I just hope it works as I have been whupped up over this math,and am tired of freezing up.


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Re: Have you received Learning Support?

Yeah, through the end of high school to some level. only helped a little bit.


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I don't have an official diagnosis (though I have an appointment on the tenth of December to start looking into it) but I never really received support. I always had problems comprehending information in large quantities on a page, and comprehending what I was reading in English class and all, but it never seemed to stick out enough for it to be an issue because I told my dad and I got the usual "it is just your age" that I have gotten my whole life for all my problems that can be related towards AS....turns out it has been suspected I had it my whole life by my father and my grandmother, but it "never caused me enough problems to be worth bringing up to a doctor" ..... Always felt like there was something wrong with me and I was on the wrong planet...yeah dad...never caused me enough problems that werent harmful at all...other than emotional trauma, and its the reason my mother did the crap she did to me.... :'(

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