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I find myself alone alot. And i talk to myself, and answer myself.
As if hearing my voice coming from someone else. I can respond to it, and build on it.
I do it alot when trying to figure out problems. And, lol, I will have to distinct accents and tone.
Yeah, a lot of the time I do talk to myself, a lot of the time it's in my head though and not out loud unless I'm definitely alone.
I find myself talking to "no one" in particular, but only if I'm really trying to figure something out. Talking it out helps me organize and problem-solve. Although, lately I've been doing it when I'm not alone, just making off-handed comments and talking out my thought processes. Thankfully, my friends understand and don't tease me about it. But I wouldn't recommend talking to yourself in public....
yes i do, normally just as a way to think through things and make better decisions, there is a big misconception that talking to yourself is a sign of madness or unhealthy when in actuality it is very healthy and normal, what is unhealthy is if you talk to another personality/persona when talking to yourself i.e. schizophrenia.
talking to yourself generally though is very normal.
Yes I do both talk to and answer myself, my therapist says this is normal for most Aspies to do this. I espicaly do it when I am trying to solve something or when I have lost something and cannot find it. Mike
Yes, both out loud and in my head. Mostly in my head. I don't do it much anymore, though, because I just talk to my son. He's a baby, so he has no clue what I'm saying.
If I want to talk to someone without getting the urge to slap them, it's usually my only option.
Haha. I usually want to slap myself in conversations, rather than the other person. Unless that person loves gossip or small talk, then I'd like to smack them.
Yes. I talk to myself. All the time actually. It helps me cope with various things in life. Very beneficial for me.
I don't have conversations with myself, ie saying something and then answering, but I do unintentionally speak my thoughts aloud, often without realising until someone comments.
I don't, seems pointless to me to speak my thoughts out loud unless I want someone else to hear what I'm thinking. I already know so, I have no reason to say it out loud if I'm alone. About as close as I get is yelling at objects when I'm having problems getting them in the right place, or getting them to work properly.
I talk aloud to myself all the time. Sometimes it's just an interjection, like swearing or something when I stub my toe. That's pretty universal, I think. But I also go through my side of conversations, or get into complex monologues very often. My inner monologue can't help but come out. My visual thinking process and my imagination are so strong that I find myself completely enveloped by what I see in my mind. Reliving memories means I end up feeling as though I'm really there. Same goes for preparing for future social interaction.

When I walk through the supermarket or charity shop I talk aloud but it's fairly quiet. I try to keep in inside so I just move my mouth slightly but it's pretty hard!

My psychologist was surprised when I emphatically agreed that I talk aloud to myself. Thing is, sometimes I talk to myself (e.g. In the supermarket, when searching for something), and sometimes I'm not talking to myself, I'm just talking to people who aren't physically there at the time. :) Talking aloud to nobody helps me put my thoughts in order.
Having such a full head all the time, I am always going over conversations that I would have with certain people, used to talk to myself in the mirror often. My short term memory is so so bad, but was once much worse (yes, it is possible!! ha) if say for example I was about to go out the door for a doctors appointment and the phone rang, I would get totally wrapped up in the call and forget the appointment completely. So then I would be cursing myself out loud in anger and frustration.
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