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Do you post on forums a lot?

I'm also addicted to posting in tons of forums that I sign up to and most active in also moderate in a few and never really worried about what to say on there as nobody seems to have bothered me.

Its addictive aswell so here I'am now, hooked into a forum. :lol2:
On certain forums, yes. Most forums aren't worth using.

Up until a few years ago, I used to sign up to technical or medical forums simply to ask a question or two then leave. I never dreamed that I'd start actively participating in discussion on forums.
On some.
But I also have this First World Problem, that I feel bad for not continually using all forums I've subscribed on. Like it'd be obligation, they probably all miss me at all of my hobby-, health- and pet forums! And as a regular user on some forums I don't particularly like when people pop up just to ask something and then vanishing again. I'd not like to be considered that kind at any site.
This is the only forum I post on. I actually got fed up with the "abusive bullying" type behavior that is very common on other forums. I'm so glad it's not like that here.
I have never posted regular on any forum. I guess I never really saw the need too until the Asperger's stuff came out. So far good though.
A lot is relative I guess... How much is a lot and which timeframe are we talking about? 2000 posts in about 18 months? That's just under 4 posts daily. And I sometimes think that the type of posts and/or quality of posts can weigh in. On some forums I don't post a lot, but I tend to make more concise and long posts.

I lurk on some forums a lot more, because I don't feel like I should mix in. Especially on forums with strict moderation and people seemingly trying to evade moderation by using all kinds of "hidden" remarks. Which to me just shows people are actively trying to get on someones nerve.

I lurk on hobby related forums a lot more than I actually take part in said discussions. Quite often because I either have nothing to add, or because people are discussing matters that don't apply to where I'm from (like, where to get hobby material X in the US; along with US brandnames, lol).. it's a totally different culture it seems sometimes.

I've ended up on different forums for advice on a lot of issues, but I found that most I could predict the response to my querry pretty much before post at some point. It made me come across as stupid cause it looked like I couldn't figure out this simple step. The truth actually is, that my problem was way bigger for practical reasons (example; need to move out of my parents house. Answer; get a job. Problem; getting a job is slightly harder than it is for anyone not on the autism spectrum.... that than in turn comes down to silly arguments on why I'm not receiving services and disability income and people clearly don't know anything about laws in that field... which at some point I didn't do anymore, and just got in touch with a social worker who had a confidential file and whom I could ask about these things).
Aspie central, wrongplanet, reptile forums uk, lord of the rings online forum, javaranch, wine forum and a variety of stack exchanges-mostly mathematics and CS.
I do not post on forums a lot. I post on forums a ton :p

I don't know why I post on forums. Maybe it's because of the thrill of victory and my gift in writing. I always lose in sports competitions despite my love and passion in winning, thanks to motor skills (or lack thereof).

In the past, it is about making a big statement, being ranked by computer algorithms to be the 'most active user' in AC. Then when the time comes, I became the most active user for quite some time, until the rankings stop. I enjoy winning, winning over other people, even in the cyberworld. I even posting on stuff I don't enjoy talking about, like sex issues. And because I win, I need to be open to different ideas and be friends with everyone, hence, I force myself to be more open minded than I was four years ago.

But recently, I regressed. I am having some issues, I feel tired easily, and I 'went back' to the bad old days when I said what I thought, those days before I joined any online forums. I feel every moment sometimes I am in a forum, I feel like wasting myself. It's just like how I felt when I had beer, cigarettes with friends, etc. Just not something as meaningful as (personally) running/jogging, or (socially) building a schoolhouse in Laos. I don't know what happened, but as I became more autistic lately, I feel less inspired to post.

Maybe I should think, how can I better post on forums - or rather, how do I make the best out of my experiences on forums?
As I have mentioned to Geordie I think you could just be burnt out and just need to step back a bit. Just read posts for awhile, you have lot on your hands being a moderator. Reading, judging posts (as to suitability) as well as posting your self and raining in some people.
I post sometimes. I think I liked forums more when I didn't have offline social interaction or close online friends, but once I had a taste I just couldn't get into them the same.

I haven't found them to be particularly useful for support in particular, since an increasing number of posters seem to value their post count more than community and interaction seems to be on the decline. I might post a thread asking for advice, and it will be clear that it wasn't actually read by the fact that the title is the only part being responded to or from questions that were answered within the opening post. I'm lucky if anyone posts more than once and I actually get to work through ideas for solutions.

Why ask the Internet when there are people who'll spend more than one exchange with me if I'm on the verge of a breakdown giving me genuine attention?

When I was introduced to the Internet via AOL chatrooms in the mid-late 90's it was a blessing because I could interact in a safer, text environment in a way I wasn't able to offline. I could talk to anyone who liked anything and my interest would be reciprocated. People would say nice things to me and approach me to talk. There was a constant stream of new ideas, theories, art, and fiction, and people loved to discuss it in-depth, not with stand-alone posts or inside comments to their friends. Best of all, no one knew anything about me and no one judged me as "hiding" or "insecure" for not sharing enough personal information, especially photos. I just don't see much of that anymore on the forums I frequent.

How people make friends online is baffling to me when I see so little going on publicly. Maybe I'm only appealing offline... more strangers strike up conversations with me in a month than people online in three, and our conversations are always better, too.

Maybe I should think, how can I better post on forums - or rather, how do I make the best out of my experiences on forums?

This is the exact question I need to answer. I come to forums because I'm looking for people who share more interests and goals in life than I can find offline, but I also feel like I'm wasting my life sometimes.
Here and on a completely unrelated forum I've been involved with for years.

One I've sort of retreated from in coming to grips that my social issues there seem too often defined by my Aspieness. But then over there I'm prepared to discuss a little of everything as opposed to here.
It depends on the forum. Oddly enough, this is the only forum I've really posted a whole lot or replied. I have like 3 or 4 other forum accounts haha. The others are interest related mostly though. I just got into the forums thing though.
I posted a few times on a couple of other forums, but this one is the only one that feels 'right'.
Great mix of people :)
I think so. Certainly I post a lot relative to the average person. Online is the only venue in which I socialize, so it's a given that I would post a lot. I don't participate on many different forums, however.

I don't know, I was kind of worried how people would judge me and that they wouldn't like me. I'm the opposite now; I post a lot and say whatever I want.
My posting habits developed in the opposite direction. I used to barge into communities and forums without paying enough attention to the social environment or outright ignoring it. It didn't occur to me to think of what other people thought of me. After years of misunderstandings and nasty arguments, I'm FAR more cautious, having learned that I just don't mix well with others, particularly when the forum is mainly social. I only venture away from AC to ask a concrete question in a dedicated online community, typically on an academic subject.

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