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Do certain speech patterns (and words) annoy you?


Well-Known Member
I am autistic.... certain words bother me, especially when used annoyingly... I am sure some of you have these issues too,

here is a small list:

Drop the Mike ( it seems douchey)

Allegedly ( I was reading an article about a snake that “allegedly” killed 2 boys in Canada and went in to details... it happened, it isn’t alleged... maybe the word is use to protect their hide from lawsuits, but it seems wrong.)

Bae,Throw Shade and Clapback ( see drop the mike)

Anything cutesy... like “LuV”

I am a real sourpuss

How about you?


Brilliant Enigma
V.I.P Member
Phrases and words such as "drop the mic, bae, throw shade, clap back" are part of AAVE. These, and dozens more, are often co-opted by everyone else to try to sound cool, "with the times", etc... Which I guess is fine and whatever, but they should at least know where they come from and think before they use them, especially since a lot of those who use AAVE and are not part of the community look down on those who are for the way they talk.

African-American Vernacular English


Brilliant Enigma
V.I.P Member
Most idioms are pretty annoying to me. But once in a while I can make use of them to make a joke or pun.

Tony Ramirez

Agnostic Christian with Asperger's Syndrome
Profanities annoy me as you know.
Then stupid saying like "Best Friend", "Bestie" and "You Guys" even with mix genders annoy me too.
This is why I love watching Star Trek and hearing "Spock, Data, Tuvock, 7of9, Odo" actually say those saying are pointless my favorites are from "Data and 7of9".


Brilliant Enigma
V.I.P Member
Profanities annoy me as you know.
Then stupid saying like "Best Friend", "Bestie" and "You Guys" even with mix genders annoy me too.
This is why I love watching Star Trek and hearing "Spock, Data, Tuvock, 7of9, Odo" actually say those saying are pointless my favorites are from "Data and 7of9".

Hahaha I've always loved Data and 7of9!

I always felt a connection to them. I didn't know why then. Now I do, of course.


Black Sheep. Society of One.
V.I.P Member
The sentence starter “to be fair” before continuing their point in a conversation.

Filling the pauses in conversation sentences with a very long “errrrrrrm “
(Why not just take a silent breath instead?)

“Yar” for yes

“Hun” as a term of endearment (?)
(Lazy way of saying ‘honey’ or ‘honeybun’)
I bristle when called “hun”

Me and my family being referred to as “you guys”

I agree with all of the above and have to add a few more :confused:

Starting a sentence with 'I'll be honest'. I always reply to this with 'aren't you honest any other time?'

The use of 'basically' and 'obviously' when there's nothing basic or obvious about what they're waffling on about. These words are used out of context far too often.

'Kind of like' and 'in as much as' make me twitch.

'Innit' for isn't it. Lazy speech.

'Thinking outside of the box'. What box? There is no box!

'Starting on a level playing field'. No playing field in sight.


Well-Known Member
I'm not annoyed by this but confused. UK news reporters pronounce Kiev Keev but they don't promounce another city by the way locals would, glesga


Well-Known Member
Hi, everyone.

I've not visited this forum for awhile, and am not sure this is the right place to be posting this question, but hopefully it will receive at least a few replies.

I've been aware for awhile that I get very irritated by certain voices, pronunciation/inflection patterns and words... particularly American accents (I live in the US, though hopefully only temporarily). I love hearing foreigners speak other languages here; it is literally like music to my ears. Even if I don't really like the sound of the whatever language they're speaking, I would still rather hear it than hear most people around me speak English (including yours truly- I can't stand to hear myself speak either).

The word "like" is a huge trigger for me. People use it 18 times in a single sentence and I just want to cut out their tongue. I also despise the way people's voices rise in intonation when it's not needed, and I want to scream when every other sentence starts with... "So..."

Another expression that is starting to get on my last nerve is "I feel like..." before every single point or explanation. These may be exclusive to American English speakers in the States who are GenX, Millennial or GenZ, but who knows? I just know I hate all of this. I walk around with earphones in my ears most of the time. I teach international students exclusively now and don't ever want to work with American students again.

When I watch TV shows like Friends or Glee, I often wonder why people here can't just speak more like those characters. They're funny, cool and not annoying. Most of the time, anyway...

When I was in my teens, I swear these things would not have bothered me. I'm trying to figure out if it's age or Asperger's that makes me react this way. Or maybe that's a false dichotomy? Maybe it's a mixture of both, combined with a variety of other factors. Who knows?

I would love to hear what other users think... especially those living in other countries where English is the primary language.

I can't stand it when people misuse like.
"Toxic" and "overrated" when used to measure something of subjective value will quickly earn the user an eyeroll from me.
Last edited:
"Quality" and "reputation" are two more words that I've learned to happily remove from my dictionary when it comes to my interests.

Forest Cat

Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
It's not really annoying but sometimes it is. When people speak Danish, they sound like drunk Norwegians. Or to Norwegians, they sound like they have a hot potato in their mouth. So when I'm in Denmark I understand what they say, most of it anyway. But sometimes you just want to say "dude, stop slurring your words!!". It's a strange thing, something about it can be annoying sometimes, it's like they are almost speaking my language, almost. So just stop slurring your words and everything is fine. :)


Gone sideways to the sun
V.I.P Member
I've noticed a lot of people say "I could care less" when they really mean "I couldn't care less." "I could care less" makes no sense.

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