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Big Brother axed! Next series to be last ever!

I stopped watching this years ago along with other shows like I'm a Celebrity! and X Factor as I find all three tedious and boring (although I got bored of X-Factor a lot quicker as I'd already seen previous shows like Popstars and Pop Idol beforehand).
That all said, I'm glad this is going as every time I see the advertisements for it I can't help but groan; even if I don't watch it, I'm still going to end up hearing about it anyway either from someone I know or because of some new scandal in the news or something like that.
Here's hoping they replace it with something more entertaining and not just another reality show.

Why spam the forum with this?
Was it just to up your post count? :neutral:

I think Rich does it for the same reason I do; he's found something that interests him and has posted it here to see what we think.
I think Rich does it for the same reason I do; he's found something that interests him and has posted it here to see what we think.
It was a response to what he told another member who responded to another "interesting" post he made after he asked our opinion of what he posted.
I remember when Big Brother started it was promoted on UK television as being an experiment. Put a number of people together in a sealed environment without outside contact, without any thing to read, or write with - what would happen? There were even pundits talking about what it could teach us about long haul space travel like the proposed Mars missions.
After a couple of years it just became a scandal-fest. A way for wannabe "celebrities" to get on TV. The mix of contestants became a predictable formula and the producers shifted the goalposts to bring about what they thought the viewers wanted to see - sex and arguments. I lost interest and so did the wider viewing public. I was astonished when Channel 5 picked it up after Channel 4 dropped it a few years ago and disappointed that they appeared to go all out for the scandal/voyeurism angle rather than take it back to the original premise.
I shall not mourn it's passing.
And about absolute time. WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH!

I only know because of trying to find latest on important things and always get the rubbish too.

The trouble is, it is the audience who are to really be held responsible, because without those watching this kind of rubbish, it could go no where and thus, people have wised up at last!
reality tv reduces its participants to animals being watched in a zoo

let's throw some meet at the lions and see what they do
let's put animals in heat in the same cage and see what they do
let's put two males in a cage with one female and see what happens

i'm unsure what is more sad the participants or the loyal viewers

the worrying thing i find:
- they always seem to find people/animals to participate in a desperate plea for mass approval
- how happy the cattle are in society to sit in judgements of these poor backwards needy people, how people just love shadenfreude

bread and games, it's how the human herd is kept in check
and most people don't seem to expect more from life
The last thing Big Brother related that I honestly watched was the TV series "Dead Set", which focused on Big Brother contestants along with some of the show's staff becoming trapped in the house and try to survive when a Zombie outbreak strikes Britain.
(Just for the record, I found seeing Davina as a zombie to be hilarious).

Here's the trailer:
To me such programming is just another extension of "The Magic Christian". People who will do just about anything for both their 15 minutes of fame and dash for cash. Any game show has the same dynamics.

Though yes, I find Neurotypicals thrust into an isolated and competitive social environment both fascinating and even educational at times. Something clearly not meant for those of us on the spectrum.

Of course this decision is only relative to the UK edition of the show. Though because of the recent departure of former CEO Les Moonves from CBS, I'm interested to see how this may impact the disposition of Julie Chen Moonves as the host of "Big Brother". And perhaps even her role on "The Talk". We shall see...

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