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Autistics and Foreign call centres

Mr Allen

Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member

Do you get frustrated talking to Foreign call centres, particularly Indian ones? I do, I had to contact Yorkshire Bank's Scottish call centre yesterday to discuss a problem with my debit card being blocked in Dixon's at Meadowhall, I was trying to verify my ID, the guy couldn't understand my strong accent, and the thing is I have no patience at the best of times but I was already pretty mad that my card had been blocked in the first place, so when the guy didn't understand I started getting angry, and terminated the call.

Does this kind of thing happen to other Aspies when you're trying to speak to call centres on the phone?

I wouldn't mind but I speak very clear English, in a strong Yorkshire accent, and they can't understand me, especially Indians or Scottish people, and it's VERY rage inducing!
I understand what you are saying but many times I have spoken to Indian call staff who spoke impeccable English so it goes both ways.

I know how it can be very frustrating trying to go through the security checks. :eek:
I tend to get very frustrated very quickly when I cannot understand someone's accent, since the initial reason for calling was already stressful, then having to try to decipher an unfamiliar accent in addition is a bit too much. I try to remain polite, but sometimes I hang up in defeat and try again later.
I find call centres very frustrating but i don't feel more frustrated than NTs that I know. I find automated voices more upsetting if the computer can't understand them.
I don't really like speaking to anyone on the phone but I do find call centres easier because everything is structured.

But I do see where you're coming from as I sometimes have to call Indian call centres at work and my old job involved calling the Philippines and a lot of the time I would struggle to get them to understand why I was calling.

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