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  1. BlueSky Aozora

    How to Make a Place of Belonging for an Aspie, If He's Not Interested?

    That's hard! Without the aspie's cooperation, or if he's not interested in anything that the society there has, what to do?? When I asked him, he said to me, "Make one." Who's the one who need to MAKE that place of belonging for him? Is it me? How is that possible without his cooperation? The...
  2. BlueSky Aozora

    Aspie in Foreign Land and Two-Body Problem. Is there a meaning behind all these?

    Previously, since my Asperger husband sacrificed his research career to move to my developing country (where nobody here doing his particular field of research; but there are teams doing this in his developed country, he supposed to join the team, but he sacrificed it to move here.. so sad), he...
  3. BlueSky Aozora

    Started learning the local language

    My spouse relocated to my country. We have at least three languages used here; I repeat, THREE LANGUAGES!! English for work (we are not from English-speaking countries), Another local language for communication with the locals, And another foreign language for religious culture purpose...
  4. BlueSky Aozora

    How to Help an Aspie Husband Cope in a Foreign Land? (while staying sane)

    Hello, I would like to ask on how to help my aspie husband cope, who just moved to my country (foreign languages) for a year. His country is a 1st-world country, while mine is a 2nd-world country. So many things lacking in my country compared to what he used to. I asked about your opinion in...
  5. Sabrina

    Hugo, un amigo con Asperger's 2017-08-10

    In six minutes this cartoon video explains Asperger's in kids. It has been view more than a million times. En seis minutos este video animado explica el Síndrome de Asperger's en niños. Ha sido visto más de un millón de veces.
  6. Mr Allen

    Autistics and Foreign call centres

    Topic. Do you get frustrated talking to Foreign call centres, particularly Indian ones? I do, I had to contact Yorkshire Bank's Scottish call centre yesterday to discuss a problem with my debit card being blocked in Dixon's at Meadowhall, I was trying to verify my ID, the guy couldn't...
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