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Are you addicted to the internet?

Yes, definitely, but I've been obsessed with computers well before the Internet even started.
Addicted is a big word, however if I'm sitting behind the computer in my spare time, I do tend to check emails, facebook and forums now and then, sometimes I watch a YouTube video. I guess you could say I wouldn't like it at all if I didn't have internet for a day (or longer). I always get quite upset when it's not working, or when my computer doesn't work. Maybe I am a bit addicted to the internet (even if my connection is not so fast).
I need it. My life would be boring without it.

But it gives me some stress related to this:

I believe that Internet haves some incredibly useful information that I should know, but I don't know how to find it.

Frequently I check the same websites I checked minutes ago. They don't have anything new or worth of my attention, and I fear I'm wasting valuable time which I could invest on other thing more useful, but I don't know how to find that.
The more I think about this question, the more vague my memory gets to what I did before I had a connection.

But on the other hand, I think its a convenient circumstance how I ended online. I got my connection at around 2000, which was the internet started blooming a bit more and thus I wasn't really missing out before. I mean, I used to have an Encarta CD-rom rather than wikipedia. It was the time where I stored music videos on my harddrive and I got cd-roms with pirated games from friends. I didn't get into social networking when I was a teen. It's something I got into way after.

Half of the people I hung out with, including my childhood friend, and his sister weren't online 24/7, thus I actually had to call them... on a landline! How often does it occur that you call someone at home and you have to ask "Hi, this is [your name] speaking, is [friends name] around?" in this current day and age? And don't even forget when I called them, and they were just online through dial-up and I couldn't reach them at all by phone.

I actually think I liked that time a bit more since everything was a bit slower overall. Nowadays everyone expects a reply within an hour through email and people expect an explanation why you didn't pick up your cellphone. I think I like this idea of "I shipped this form last week, it should be in". The internet amongst other advances makes us way, way more impatient.

But I'll step of my soapbox now
I am absolutely addicted to the internet! Since I rarely leave my apartment, the internet is my window to the world, and it is how I keep in touch with friends and family who live out of town. I'm an information junkie and I love being able to find so many sources available online. Having access to the free craft patterns and recipes is also amazing. I wouldn't have room for all the cookbooks and patterns I would need to equal the various sources I've used, never mind how much those books would have cost!
Before the Internet the computer was mostly just a toy to me. Now it's just a communications device.

Without it, maybe I'd have my toy back. That wouldn't be so bad.
The more time and energy I poured into offline pursuits, the less fulfilling the Internet became. I used to spend hours just surfing and looking for something to do or compulsively checking e-mail, messages, forums, and feeds, but I think I was looking to fill a void and looking in the wrong places. Online conversations, as soon as I started feeling more comfortable with them, were simply better and more interactive than most online ones. Reading comments on my posted work was better than reading forum posts, because they were just for me and the result of days or weeks of effort. Doing things was better than reading about people doing them. At this point I can't stand to be online too long without using it for something productive like research or feedback.
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Internet is a pretty general term. When I am doing research, it is possible for me to be using the internet for hours without browsing the web.
I COULDN'T LIVE without the internet! :D
All the cheap PS3 game deals a certain local website does. Ah the awesomeness! :D
I do depend a lot on the 'net. I'm always looking up facts, learning stuff and shooting the breeze with my aspie friends on AC :)
I am very much addicted to the internet. It's hard to know when to pull the plug. I find EVERYTHING interesting and always find some idea thread that I want to explore and read websites about.
I use the internet daily. I sometimes supposed to be doing something else, but end up spending way too much time on the internet. I end up losing track of time.

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