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Are you addicted to the internet?

Without a doubt, I'm addicted. Doesn't help that not only am I a student, but I do part-time work as a web designer & web developer... At least it's a good excuse for *needing* the internet :p
There's always something to look up on the net so it's easy to become addicted to it. IMO it's weirder to not be addicted to the internet than it is to be addicted. How can people browse the net for 20-30 minutes or less a day and not feel tempted to go back online?! This I've never understood . . .

It seems like most people who aren't addicted to it are the types who do nothing but send/receive emails, browse Facebook . . . and use Internet Explorer as their primary browser. :D
and use Internet Explorer as their primary browser. :D

People who still use Internet Explorer are noobs.

I find that once I go on the internet, it's hard to get off it. Even if I'm bored and can't find anything interesting I'll still stay on it for hours.
same here sometimes i'll just stay on facebook and read everyone statuses ... some are amusing...
I wouldn't say my use of the internet is addiction based but definitely a obsession associated with AS. Lately though I have been expanding into other activities like gaming.... and movies so I am spending less and less time online.
I can't live without the Internet. I use it for everything including keeping Youtube haters from commenting on my videos.
Yes and no. I can quite happily spend 14 hours a day, every day online. Infact I even have a burn on my leg from using the laptop for such long lengths of time none stop.

However, that's probably due to the fact that I often have nothing better to do. When I'm on holiday with people they're all online keeping in touch with people back home. Personally I just deactivate Facebook for a week and don't even take my phone with me. I don't get the shakes or long to be on there...

Dunno. Good time filler maybe? I probably wouldn't smoke or eat if not for boredom.
I am. My addiction/obsession is with doing competitions on the internet. I can easily spend 5-7 hours a day doing them and get very upset if I don't get them all done :(

I do ok out of it as far as wins goes but it's become a huge part of my life now, it's really taken over. If it weren't competitions it'd be something else I guess.
In a way I'd say no... but actually I think my life and most conveniences are built around "being online".

I don't buy magazines but I read articles on websites. I don't read a newspaper but I visit CNN.com (which isn't even on cable tv anymore). I only have my tv around for watching DVD's, thus I download series. It's how online life becomes a 'weird" integral part of living.

Yes, I could do a day without being online, but that would mean that I don't have a clue what's going on... unless I buy a newspaper (which has yesterdays news). I know how it was back when I had to visit a record store and order a cd and wait for it, for about 3 weeks, it's something I don't want anymore, because I know that iTunes gets me that album in 5 minutes.

I think I could even state that if I were to lock myself out for a day, I'm locking myself out of "my world" for a day on purpose. It's where I have more friends on IM, than contacts in my phone, I'm being sent an email rather than a letter for business and stuff like that, which makes it a totally impractical situation to just tell myself "today I'm offline". I did have those days, but I should add... I do have to have some plan. It's like "how much time do you spend on a computer"... a lot, because I don't have the luxury of having a piano, a console, a typewriter, a decent sketching tool and a extensive physical movie library around... internet as a tool is the same.
I pretty much use it to hide away from life, work and people. I'm terrible when I'm out and I don't feel comfortable as i will just sit in one place and play with my phone. Before i had a phone it would be paper or straws, I still do this when they are available.
I would say yes, but when the power goes out or the internet goes out, I find other things to do, but if I have internet, I can't seem to stop, so I don't know. Part of me thinks its my fear of doing something else.
There was point in my life when I was around 25 or so, and all I had in terms of technology was this laptop, which at that time was already semi-outdated. (I also had consoles and hand held game systems, etc.) With the laptop, I used it for everything (including online games which were graphics and overall system intensive). It put a major strain on the hardware and I even replaced the screen for it and one HDD. Haha. That's how much I used that old laptop. I fried it out big time. When the screen died I almost lost it, because I grew so heavily dependent on that laptop at that time. That thing got me through some rough times.

This is of course no longer the case as I have plenty of things to do and interests to partake in. But when it did happen, it completely and totally sucked.:timebomb:
I would definitely say I'm a frequent Internet user, but I could live without it for a while if I didn't have access to it for a certain period of time; however, I am a Facebook addict - hence I often like to nickname it "Crackbook".
I'm not addicted to the Internet. I'm addicted to information and wisdom. Listening to conversations and reading books inspire me as much as reading Shoutbox messages and forum posts :)
I think I may be addicted to the Internet ... It gets worse during Winter, as I don't have a lot else to be doing.

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