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Anyone here an artist?!?


Well-Known Member
I drew this a few days ago and would like y'all to check it out!
Like it Dillon, you draw well, and have even conquered drawing hands and fingers. Congrats.
Like your drawing. Rocco does some pretty nice stuff you may want to check out.
I happen to be a fan artist myself, but I focus more on video games than anime.

Emerald Get.png
This one is my most recent. It's (Modern) Sonic the Hedgehog showing off the Chaos Emerald he just snagged. This was drawn on blue paper with colored pencils.

Metal Sonic on Blue Paper.png
This is a little bit older than the Sonic pic. It's every Sonic fan's favorite psycho killer robot. It was drawn with a mix of colored pencils and oil pastels on blue paper.

Amphibious Knight.png
I did this sometime last year ENTIRELY in MS Paint. It's part of a series of Paint drawings with the same dimensions that I did for each party member in Chrono Trigger. This one, and the one of Magus, came out the best IMO.

Portrait of a Fiendlord.png
Here's the Magus picture I was talking about.

The Eggman Schemeth.png
This is another MS Paint picture that dates back to sometime in 2015. Am I the only one who thinks this could almost pass for a Sonic X scene? Maybe it's just the shading.

Limited Palette - Shadow.png
This is one of 5 limited palette pictures I did in MS Paint in late 2015-early 2016. It's probably my best full-body picture of everyone's favorite edgy hedgie.

Martial Arts Martian.PNG

This one was drawn in YY-CHR, a program used by ROM hackers to create custom graphics for retro video games. I happened to have left it open after drawing a custom Super Mario World tileset and felt like drawing a random thing. The colors are based on the palette used by Green Koopa Troopas, but with a few added colors.


I also drew this in YY-CHR, and felt like including it here because it seems that the original poster likes the Dragon Ball series.
I don't draw, but I do cross stitch. I mainly do video game characters. Here is one of my best ones of Luna from Lunar Silver Star Story:
Thanks! I got the pattern off the internet. Most of the patterns I do come from pixel art or patterns someone else has done.
Swimsuit Harriet.jpg
I draw and make up my own cartoon characters. Here is a picture I made of one of my characters:
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It looks awesome!
I also draw, my favorite thing about drawing tho is everyone usually starts out with one of these:
  • Anime
  • Cartoons
  • Animals
Art inspires art. Hehe
Update: my profile pic ,I just remembered, is my bamboo tablet lol
04-13-2011 02;18;30PM.jpg
I'm so happy I can post my artwork on Aspies Central!:grinning:I never was able to on Wrong Planet.:angry:
I've also made fan art of video games and cartoon characters as well.
I forgot all about this thread I had started a while back since I don’t go on here much at all but here’s one I like to show off! I haven’t done a graphite drawing in a long time!

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