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A-Z Places


Pretty sure "臺" is somewhere before the letter 'A' in the Latin alphabet.
Oh, wait, the requirement was "A-Z", and not "The Latin Alphabet".
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Xī’ān (西安), China

The Bell Tower at night.

2017-06-07 21.58.09.jpeg
Yucca Valley, San Bernardino County, California


This is fairly close to where I grew up. I feel a great fondness for Yucca Valley. A favorite place to visit.
Zurich, Switzerland

When I was there they had a thing about bears. This one was in Bahnhofstrasse.

Arcata, Humboldt County, California


I lived here as a little girl. We were there when they were filming the Endor scenes of Return of the Jedi. They filmed it in the park where I played nearly every day. Everyone in town pronounced Jedi as "Jeddy".

The locals of Arcata and the surrounding area really hated George Lucas, because they tore out a lot of ferns and other native plants, and left a lot of trash after they were done filming. My family along with other locals volunteered to clean and restore the forest.

They supposedly cleaned up, but in reality they didn't do a very good job. They left snack wrappers, cables, and other metal and plastic crap all over the forest. Little bits of junk in pristine wilderness.

But as an adult, I do love Star Wars. Return of the Jedi being my favorite of the series (girls love ewoks- it's true). However whenever I see the Endor scenes, I always think of my father's anger at what Lucasfilms did to the environment.
Beatles Platz, Hamburg, Germany.

When I stepped back to get all of them in frame I almost got hit by a car. Beatles Platz is not exclusively for pedestrians.

Dundee, NSW, Australia

This Dundee is located in the New England tablelands of northern NSW. With its elevation (and consequent cooler climate) gently rolling hills and exposed granite boulders, this area was much favoured by Scottish migrants. In Glen Innes they even raised a stone circle. (This was in living memory - the family of an old school friend of mine sponsored one of the stones.)

Faro, Portugal

If you zoom in you can see the storks nesting.

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Independence, Inyo County, California



A beautiful little ranching town nestled in between the Sierra Nevadas to the west and Death Valley to the east. Gorgeous- God's Country.

Sadly, it is also the historic site of the Manzanar Internment Camp, where Japanese American civilians were held during WW2.
Jardine River, Queensland, Australia


In 1864, Frank and Alex Jardine set out droving cattle from Rockhampton to Somerset, a distance of over 2000km. They left the halfway point, Carpentaria Downs, with 42 horses and 250 cattle, and arrived at Somerset with 12 horses and 50 cattle, leaving a trail of over 200 dead indigenous inhabitants. It took them 10 months and they received the Murchison Award for the journey, from the Royal Geographical Society. The Jardine, the largest of 6 rivers they crossed, was named after them. To this day there is no bridge - the crossing is by ferry.
Maha Bodhi Tahtaung, Monywa, Sagaing region, Myanmar



This is the Laykyun Sekkya Buddha statue, 116 m (381 ft) high with thirty one floors, referring to the 31 planes of existence. (The little rectangles are windows.) I managed to get to the seventh floor from the top - stairs all the way. The floors above were closed for renovation that day.
Newcastle, NSW, Australia


The high-rise buildings on the left were built on the site of the hospital where I was born, right across from Newcastle beach. If you’d opened a window, you’d have been able to smell the salt on the breeze. This view is from the harbour, cathedral on the hill in the centre. Fortunately the phallic tower on the foreshore immediately in front of that has been removed. The white buildings there housed the first brewpub in NSW. Behind the small, pink building at the far left, an archaeological dig uncovered evidence of the first industrial site in Australia. I could go on…
Ojai, Ventura County, California


A breathtakingly beautiful coastal agricultural town. You've just left the sprawl of Los Angeles, and suddenly over the hills, you are in Paradise. The gateway to the highway that leads to Big Sur.

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