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  1. C

    Sustaining passion for a Writing Project with Autism and Suspected ADHD?

    Even this forum post feels exhausting to start writing and is giving me a slight headache, which I guess is one sign of where I’m at. I don’t have an official ADHD Diagnosis. However, I do have Autism, and am on an NHS Waiting List for an ADHD Assessment. I have lots of passions in my life, but...
  2. MyKayos


    As my chest ripped open from the strain Of constraint Bats flew out Jostling one another Chittering in distress At the newness of light Some so determined to survive They tried to crawl back in. Where they never belonged. I am new to being me. At four, I had hyperlexia. I began reading...
  3. Georgia Galaxy

    Typing vs. Writing

    I like both and how I use both everyday, you can have a preference or choose both ^^
  4. S

    Fresh meat

    Hey all, I'm new to this game, haven't used a blog in years. Waiting on an assesment at the moment, haven'tr many friends, haven't much to say in general except through pen or keyboard. Love writing actually. I could use this whole post to tell you my problems but you could probably guess what...
  5. S

    Who wants to write a book this March?

    I used to be a part of a few online groups who would do something called February Album-Writing Month. Basically what that would entail is spending the whole month creating an album, not necessarily to release it to the world immediately thereafter (even though that's certainly an option), but...
  6. Bolletje

    New Beginnings!

    I'm not even going to attempt to write a story about what happened to me since my last update. I mean, my last post was Pre-COVID. Ah, to be young again... Anyway, here's a summary of the last three years: - hypomania - relapse - lost job - started writing - recovery - new job - stopped...
  7. AutisticMilly

    Writers Here?

    Recently, I've been getting back into writing a lot. I've enjoyed writing as a hobby since I was in 3rd grade. As someone who has trouble with expressing myself verbally, writing has always been my outlet to share my feelings and ideas. Are any of you writers, and if so, what do you like to...
  8. Stuttermabolur

    Annoyance regarding responses

    I frequent news sites with comment sections, and one thing which really bothers me is when people do not respond to any points made in the article itself, but rather seem to have a comment ready to send which could go with any article dealing with the topic. For instance, say you are reading an...
  9. Joshua the Writer

    I am Selling Stuff I Write Now

    Hello! Recently, I decided that I would write my own original works and put them on my shop to sell them. Writing is still a hobby of mine. I just want to make money off of my works. Some titles I'm currently offering: Leeches - A Short Story (warning: this is a horror story) Agony of Being...
  10. Valya81

    Origin story

    Started Sep 25 2021 There’s not a lot to say that hasn’t already been said. It feels that way most days. It feels like a big question mark in my chest. I’ve heard somewhere, “There are years that ask, and years that answer.” This year answers, but new question marks are planted, moved...
  11. G

    Help writing an Autistic Comic series

    Hi everyone, I need help with something that will help promote Autism Awareness. Remember that Autistic Girl Autumn Campaign? Well, I had too short comics planned, one for October, one for November. But it turns out that the one that I had for this month, I finished too late, and because it...
  12. G

    Writing a story where the hero isn't the protagonist

    In my fantasy trilogy, there is character in the book that is sort of a traditional hero. He appears now and then throughout the trilogy as a minor character, sometimes even a bit of comic-relief character, and then around midway through the third book he finally emerges as a traditional hero...
  13. G

    What resources are needed to make and publish a graphic novel?

    I'm starting to realize that story writing isn't just going to be a hobby for me, but my career, despite how difficult that may be. I still want to explore some of my other career ideas when I can, especially that Catholic art-selling site; but for now, I'm going to explore my literary ideas and...
  14. Joshua the Writer

    Autistic Satyr? (D&D)

    Since one of the newest Dungeons and Dragons 5e books, Mystic Odyssey of Theros came out earlier this year, Satyr is now an official playable race! Since I tend to roleplay my character as Autistic since I am Autistic (even unintentionally at times), do you think that an Autistic Satyr might be...
  15. MaddieZabczuk

    Writing about Asperger, BPD and other mental issues

    Hey, how are you? I'm Maddie Zabczuk. It's nice to meet you. I have BPD and I love to write. One of my best friends, whom I love to death, is an Aspie, so I thought, why not try to write a story about someone like my friend? He deserves love and understanding as we all do. So because I want to...
  16. Sandbox Writing Blog

    Sandbox Writing Blog

    This the blog where I practice my writing skills, as I work on getting a career as a content writer. This may also help me with my literary work as well.
  17. M

    Braille: a way to read without looking at the text

    If you can read braille, you can read it without looking, and yet sighted people rarely learn or use it. How come?
  18. Jenisautistic

    Another novel writing question about disability

    How do you make a story more general Or not specific to a topic that nobody really reads about For example I’m talking about special education in my story and I don’t want to have to refer to the specific terms that people might have to keep looking up or get confused by Or at worst cringe...
  19. A

    I dont know if this fantasy race describes people on the spectrum, and would do harm?

    Warning, Long post: Ok so i dont know how to start this but Hi, i am an amateur writer, im just in the planning stages of my fantasy book, so im looking for different mythological and fantastical creatures and the like, one i came across was a half-breed race called "Blood Child" (half...
  20. eriley74

    Hi, Aspie Writer here!!

    Hi everybody and Happy New Year, My name is Eric. I was officially diagnosed with Asperger's a few years ago. My 14 y.o. daughter was diagnosed with high-functioning autism 8 years ago with inadvertent help from her teacher, a kid fresh out of college with zero training in handling ASD...
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