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  1. MaddieZabczuk

    Writing about Asperger, BPD and other mental issues

    Hey, how are you? I'm Maddie Zabczuk. It's nice to meet you. I have BPD and I love to write. One of my best friends, whom I love to death, is an Aspie, so I thought, why not try to write a story about someone like my friend? He deserves love and understanding as we all do. So because I want to...
  2. Jenisautistic

    Another novel writing question about disability

    How do you make a story more general Or not specific to a topic that nobody really reads about For example I’m talking about special education in my story and I don’t want to have to refer to the specific terms that people might have to keep looking up or get confused by Or at worst cringe...
  3. Jenisautistic

    My book the bully the bullied and the bystanders Lola and the Upstanders

    Hello let me start by saying that This is a project I’m working on for quite a while and I will add the videos in my YouTube channel Please note that this has sensitive and Some language In the story Which I will note is not in this introduction for those of you who are interested my channel...
  4. A

    I dont know if this fantasy race describes people on the spectrum, and would do harm?

    Warning, Long post: Ok so i dont know how to start this but Hi, i am an amateur writer, im just in the planning stages of my fantasy book, so im looking for different mythological and fantastical creatures and the like, one i came across was a half-breed race called "Blood Child" (half...
  5. M

    Hello. I'm new here.

    I'm an adult on the spectrum. I was diagnosed almost ten years ago. When the psychiatrist explained Apspergers, as it was called then, my life came into focus.
  6. Jenisautistic

    Does anyone like coloring,drawing or writing ?

    Does anyone find coloring or drawing relaxing ? I used to draw a lot now I don’t draw as much but I still color a lot I’m trying to get back into drawing but it’s difficult It’s the same thing with writing stories I use to made a lot of short stories or a fanfiction or two. I wrote...
  7. Jenisautistic

    Does anyone like to write stories ?

    I like to write short stories and fan fiction but Im also writing a nonfiction book about my autism. When i try to write big fiction stories i always get stuck although i do like trying them it usually comes out as a short story. its really frustrating sometimes.
  8. Desertphile

    The business of writing, from a Level One Autistic point of view

    A year ago I wrote a memoir titled DESERTPHILE: A PERFECTLY SANE MISANTHROPE HIDES IN THE DESERT. I am still looking for a literary agent to represent that manuscript. Is there anyone here who has autism and has written a memoir? If so, how many I get a copy to read? Thank you.
  9. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    The life-saving search for beauty of creative people

    Sopranos and tenors always make my soul soar. Right now, the owner of the incredible voice that I’m listening to is Katherine Jenkins. There’s magic in the melody, but there’s something even transcendental when one understand the lyrics. French, Italian, Spanish, and even English, transmit a...
  10. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    Creating a space to create

    I was about to sit down to write in the dining room table, when I realized: 'this is absurd; I recently bought a beautiful desk and a very comfortable desk in order to write. Why do I feel more comfortable here? This can't be'. I moved almost all the furniture in my living room and dining room...
  11. A

    Greetings from Newly Diagnosed 58-year-old

    It's a bit overwhelming to realize your entire life can be defined with a single word. I had been in therapy for a long time, but that word, Aspergers, never left my doctor's lips, that is until I came to it myself, and asked him straight out. I am the youngest of four, and my siblings have...
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