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  1. tripleU

    My language is too mean?

    People consider me to be very rude, and I got banned from blenderartists for this. It's like I don't know some rules of the universe. Like I say you are dumb and some instructions, they get angry. Couldn't you ask me for further info, no just get angry and ban. I can't detect tone. If, I say...
  2. D'Andre

    My Speech patterns are...weird

    OK so I never record myself speaking but decided to for a possible video. It was so odd. I have this thing where when I'm home, I speak/pray in monotone and with as little lip movement as possible. Talking in public feels unnatural though I've learned ways to mask it?? Hearing the playback, my...
  3. Joshua the Writer

    Tone Tags/Indicators: Use Them

    Tone Tags/Indicators were created in order to make online communication between NDs and NTs (as well as communication between NDs) easier. Here is a list: /j = joking /hj = half joking /s or /sarc = sarcastic / sarcasm /srs = serious /nsrs = not serious /lh = light hearted /g or /gen =...
  4. AHClemist

    Nerd Mode, activate!

    Do any of you drastically change the way you speak when someone asks you about something you are interested in? I've noticed I will change my tone of voice and style of speaking to something much more presentation-like rather than the usual conversation style. The last time I actually gave a...
  5. Daydreamer

    How are you with sarcasm?

    Personally, although I can be sarcastic, I'm quite bad at detecting when other people use it. However, I'm not completely blind to sarcasm. I think part-sighted to sarcasm would be a more accurate description. Usually it helps if I know what someone's thoughts are to whatever they are being...
  6. J

    'Preaching' not talking

    Hi everybody. This is my first ever online autism forum. I read the thread about Aspie speech, and joined because while some described characteristics or 'problems' rang a bell to me, nobody mentioned my problem so I thought I would. Maybe somebody has a similar one? I have been accused of...
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