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stuffed animals

  1. NicoleAscot

    Hardcore Rapper & Still Need Comfort Toy??

    Hey everyone. I have Asperger’s and I definitely have a unique personality. I’m a Hardcore Rapper (my genre) but if I get upset or lonely, I want to cuddle with my bestest friend, “Ollie The Alien”! I don’t take him I’m public very often. In fact, the only time was immediately after a violent...
  2. Jena

    Does anyone on the spectrum do this too? Or is it just my habit?

    Okay so I have a extremely bad habit at picking fur off of stuffed animals and my dog (it doesn't hurt him dw he still got plenty of fur on him no bald spots at all double coat). Anyways I am despreatly trying to stop this habit. My fingers start really hurting and the skin around the nail peals...
  3. Sozdatelniza

    Do you have some items as long as you live?

    I heard everybody has something that is as old as the owner. I have a few things that I've got just after my birth (well, max. one year) and I kept them for a very long time. However I have only one thing I still have. It's my stuffed cocker spaniel my aunt brought from UK. I got it when I...
  4. Coupe

    Smallish stuffed animals

    I thought I'd make an inventory of all the types of smallish stuffed animals I know/can think of. Small, tiny stuffed animals have always been one of my favorite kinds, b/c I have always needed to carry at least one in my hand/backpack/pocket/shoulder bag in order to feel safe, calm, comfortable...
  5. F

    Stuffed Animals

    I was curious to know if any of you keep any stuffed animals. A while ago when I used to see my psychiatrist I mentioned the fact that I had a collection of them and he said it wasn't unusual for people on the spectrum. I tell people about them sometimes, some of them dont seem to mind but...
  6. Coupe

    Plush Animal Lovers' Day - October 28 2015

    Plush Animal Lovers' Day is in two days (October 28th)! :) Basically it's a day when you take some time to honor the stuffed animals/plushies you have, or do nice things for them - some of these things might be to take them for a walk, play with them, read to them or buy them a small present -...
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