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star trek

  1. Captain Scott A Lambert

    Captain Kirk Or Captain Picard

    Which Star Trek Captain do like better?
  2. S

    Is Star Trek worth getting into?

    Thinking about getting into Star Trek but I don't know where to start I was thinking about the original series /movies but my mom said I should start with the next generation but I don't know looking for something new to get into cause Disney ruined star wars for me also is there any good star...
  3. Mr Allen

    Yay! Star Trek DS9 is now on Netflix!

    Used to really like that show. Especially from season 4 when they brought Worf in, newly promoted to Lieutenant Commander. And then in the final season they replaced the gorgeous Terry "Jadzia Dax" Farrell with Nicole DeBoer as Ezri Dax, she was equally gorgeous and had a big chest lol. Might...
  4. Mr Allen

    Star Trek Discovery - Exclusive to Netflix

    Just watched the first 2 episodes, pretty cool. Anyone else seen them?
  5. Questella

    If you were... (Star Trek)

    If you were in the future universe of Star Trek what kind of character Starfleet or alien what would of you be? I know I would never be one of the ones in Starfleet so if I was I would have to be one of the extraterrestrial that just loved messing with them... a Q being prime choice. As much...
  6. Ephraim Becker

    I finally re-downloaded and finished watching the first episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

    After an annoying 1 hour wait to re-download the whole first episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, I finished watching the rest. Like always, I go in linear order (start from the beginning and go until the end). I'm now up to Season 1 Episode 2.
  7. Ephraim Becker

    Looks like the first episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Emissary, didn't download fully

    I was watching the first episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The first episode is an hour and a half. I was 1 hour and 6 minutes in and something weird happened. The video jumped to the end and stopped. I looked into the video description of the episode I was watching, the first episode of...
  8. Ephraim Becker

    I have the urge to start binge watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

    Last year, I finished binge watching the whole Star Trek: The Original Series. The day after I started binge watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. I finished binge watching Star Trek: The Next Generation a month ago. I now have the urge to start binge watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I...
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