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  1. Lundi

    Is eating alone in a restaurant now a big taboo?

    Since I am quite a solitary person, I tend to eat in restaurants by myself instead of with friends, and obviously without girlfriend/wife. If I travel I do the same, just table for one. However, I notice that here where I live people really seem to dislike people who eat alone in restaurants...
  2. Lundi

    Adapting to being single for life

    Following my very long first thread here about being single/virgin at almost age 30 (my 30th birthday is this Thursday), I was wondering about choosing to resign myself to be single for life. It is another path, but I was thinking about how I have a lot of quirks and difficulties that would make...
  3. guitarandtattoos

    Has anyone been successful on SpectrumSingles.com ?

    It's a dating site for people on the spectrum. You fill out a huge questionnaire and it will match you with people with a similar personality type. It bases the questions off of issues with being on the spectrum. It seems interesting and I made an account.
  4. My very own corner of peace and love

    My very own corner of peace and love

    Writing in anonymity has become a way to take care of myself. Every time I type a word, it's like combing my hair, or brushing my teeth. Sometimes it's like taking a hot bath for my soul, which is good since I don't have a bathtub. I decided to invest in a full size mattress for myself, so I can...
  5. superstarbucksstan


    Hi, A bit about me - I live in NYC and my therapist thinks that I may have ASD based on six sessions of evaluation and discussion. When I ask friends, many of them disagree with this notion. I am mid 30s, would consider myself high functioning, though I do have traits and habits that support...
  6. pjcnet

    Sanctioned for Being Single or Alone

    Society seems to expect people to have a partner or to be with their family, if not they at least expect people to be with friends. In fact it often hurts people financially to be single or alone, but worse sometimes single people can looked down upon or even sanctioned against which pretty...
  7. Chiefersis

    I found my people

    Hello Every one! I grew up not knowing I am slightly autistic, so like many of you I experienced the feeling of " I'm different; I don't know or can't understand why." I was very firmly convinced for a while that I'm just "Unlucky" that's why things don't workout between me and people, which...
  8. K

    Another Adventure in Singles-ville

    Sorry, I couldn't think of a better title for the thread. That notwithstanding, I'm back with an odd tale of my attempts in love and friendship. I'm still in college, not partying too much, but becoming more involved in the school community, going to events and taking a bigger role in my clubs...
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