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sensory processing disorder

  1. Ylva

    "Slow processing speed"

    I've seen this claim leveled against us before, including in a recent thread I didn't want to derail, so I'm posting here to ask: Does anyone else… not name things right away? Like, you see it, but you don't immediately identify it? Especially with close-ups, I can have trouble telling that a...
  2. Amy B

    Work Problems

    Hi Everyone, I am going through such a nightmare and would normally never open up about it to anyone except maybe a couple of family members. But I thought someone here may have some good advice for me and I might be able to eventually help someone else with that information, so here goes: I'm...
  3. Mary Anne

    Sensory Overload: Leaving my job in the mental health field

    I am leaving due to two things: my sensory processing issues have severely increased in the work environment and there can be no accommodations. Another is the high cost and anxiety of an enormous daily commute by car on a low salary. I will be leaving behind people with challenges who need...
  4. Mary Anne

    Where can a 61 year old Woman get diagnosed in the USA?

    Hi, I have always had sensory processing disorder, but have never been diagnosed. It’s causing me to lose my job, which I desparetely need. Plus, I just want to finally be officially diagnosed. How can an older person get diagnosed and how much does it cost? Thank you.
  5. thatmattattack

    New Member Alert: Matt

    Hey everyone! As the title says, my name is Matt and I'm new to these here parts. I'm actually slightly surprised that I hadn't found this place via Google before today, but I guess I hadn't put in the right search criterion before or something. I'm excited to join this forum and hopefully...
  6. NikkiNic

    Introduction: Nikki, 23 and still learning about my own brain

    Hi everyone, I have yet to receive a diagnosis of anything on the spectrum but I do struggle with SPD. But, the more research I do the more I relate to the stories from people with ASD or Aspergers. While I want to seek out professional opinions I would also love to talk with some people to gain...
  7. JoyChaos

    beginning to understand

    that moment you start to realize that you are not feeling anxious when you get dizzy in large crowds, rush hour at work, bright lights overhead, but in fact feeling sensory overload. I'm picking it up more. right now it still takes me a while to go "OH! the lights are too much, Oh! the sounds...
  8. Coupe

    Craving some forms of tactile input yet avoiding others

    The other night my stepdad wasn't feeling well, and I told him that I'd heard somewhere that rubbing Vick's VapoRub on the soles of your feet helps you sleep better with a cold at night (I've actually tried it once or twice and idk *how* it worked, but it did, at least for me). Then I recalled...
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