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  1. WhyMe

    Trying to understand...

    My 55 year old husband was diagnosed with Asperger's 2 years ago. The diagnosis somewhat explains the lying, but the lying continues. He seems regretful when he gets caught, but it doesn't stop. He does try to avoid conflict by lying but can't seem to change this behavior. I'm considering...
  2. Sabrina

    The Invention of Lying

    Hi! I watched a movie that I think all aspies should see. It's called The Invention of Lying. It takes place in a fantasy world where everybody tells the truth, and suddenly a guy realizes that he can lie, and that it is very powerful! I am 47-yrs-old, but only up until I was 40 I realized...
  3. R

    Social oddities/manipulation based on wanting certain social input/output - sort of devil's advocacy

    OK. I'm a scientific guy and among things that generate hypothetical wanderings in me are people. While I am not malicious in my lies towards others (let's not get into a life is not a zero sum game angle which is interesting but too divergent for the topic) I tend to probe people as they are...
  4. N

    I would like some thoughts on that situation please

    I have posted a while before about my situation.. Of my boyfriend who has aspergers.. I'm soon to be moving out of the flat due to the situation wich makes it really hard for me and I get a thousand anxieties again because we will be long distance for awhile again... So to the situation.. Due...
  5. Ylva

    Bad truthing

    Like some walking stereotype, I have always been committed to telling the truth, to keep things simple. Looking back over the first twenty-five years of my life, which is when I thought I was neurotypical, it looks like I might as well have lied, because many couldn't be bothered to believe me...
  6. WereBear

    People give clues. Learn to find them.

    I wrote this on another thread: I credit my extensive study of body language and voice tones for my social ease (such as it is.) But one thing I am very good at is picking up the little cues everyone sends about their true thoughts and intentions. Maybe it is just me developing my intuition...
  7. Allana

    Predisposed to be a liar?

    Hello Everyone, I am the mother of a son who is on the spectrum. While he was diagnosed several years ago, I have known that he processed things differently for a long time. I thought the diagnosis gave Me Something to work with; and I some ways it has, but it also creates a lot of questions...
  8. M

    The criteria for lying

    Much of my life has early on, been a naive and honest approach to life, people and events. I've recently looked up and taken tests about honesty and lying. And how to tell the difference between someone who lies and someone who's honest. Although I've consistently told the truth in my life, not...
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