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  1. Suzanne

    Hugs? Cuddles?

    Because my husband is a huge hugger and I have learned to accept his hugs and up to a certain point, get a sense of warmth from it; not all the time though, he is the only one I can hug ( which, of course is great) :p Anyway, what I find difficultly with regarding hugs, is the absolute...
  2. Clueless in Canada

    Inappropriate Social Behaviour

    I'm sure this has already been discussed somewhere but I've not encountered it yet. The autistic stereotype is inappropriately under-responding, but do some of you sometimes over-respond? Are you sometimes too friendly or too touchy-feely? In what situations does this happen to you?
  3. Katleya

    The "opposite of autism": Williams syndrome

    I came across this on National Geographic. At first, I found it very irritating, because I thought it was implying autism made people incapable of love, but reading on, I guess they've coined that nickname mostly because of the compulsion to hug. I still found it interesting in quickly tackling...
  4. Tyrantus1212

    Being Hugged

    My general observation is that many people with Asperger's don't like being hugged. I might be among the minority in this aspect, but I love being hugged. Being hugged means that someone loves me, cares about me and appreciates me; I need that. A lot. Same thing with being kissed by someone like...
  5. Kouzai

    Physical Touching 101

    For most of my life I was not fond of being touched. Not a hug or handsome was given of my choice. I pity the punks who petted my hair or patted my head. In my teens I starting hugging out of the blue and while I know enough social norms not to hug (only people I like or tolerate get my hugs and...
  6. W

    Sending out virtual hugs . . .

    Attention all Aspies: I'm was moved to make this thread after reading some many posts where my literal reaction was something along the lines of "awwwww." But really, I'm so sorry that you guys have to struggle through things but I like to think, sike I KNOW, that such trials and adversity...
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